Angry Wolves Fans Invade Pitch After Burnley Defeat [VIDEO]

Staring in the face of two consecutive relegations, supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers took to the pitch today after their team lost 2-1 at Molineux.

An angry mob of Wolves supporters invaded the pitch, kicked and pushed stewards and kicked down an advertising board. They gesticulated at the Wolves board, and displayed their anger at the team’s dire position. They’re second from bottom, and have one match left next weekend against Brighton. Even a win against Gus Poyet’s side may not be enough to keep them up in the nPower Championship.

Most of the troublemakers were young adults and kids. But still, it’s a sad state of affairs. Twelve months ago, Wolves were in the Premier League, expanding their ground and were debt free. After sacking manager Mick McCarthy, the club has been in a free-fall.

With Birmingham City in the Championship, and West Bromwich Albion safe in the Premier League, the attention now turns to fellow Midlands club Aston Villa who are trying to stay up in the Premier League this season. It could end up that the Baggies will be the only West Midlands side in the Premier League beginning next season.

7 thoughts on “Angry Wolves Fans Invade Pitch After Burnley Defeat [VIDEO]”

  1. I do recall quite a bit of discussion about Wolves on the EPLTalk pod, 12+ months ago. All the stuff you mentioned (expanded ground, debt free, etc.)…if they could have just held on, they would be well set up for the future.

    Now things look quite dim.

  2. That’s sad. When I was a kid(70’s/80’s) there were often 5 West Midlands sides in the top flight – Villa Blues WBA Wolves & Coventry

    1. Play off position for you next week jtm? Billy to sneak you up. Decent away day that’d be, Nottingham’s a great city.

      1. IAN
        thanks not sure Bolton or Brighton will drop points.the Barnsley draw at home will be the undoing of the season. hope Billy will get some pounds to spend for next season need help putting the ball in the net

    1. What do players hope to achieve when they surround a referee? He isn’t going to change his mind, but he might give you the next call. So perhaps, they are wanting their board to bring in players that win. Not apologizing for bad behavior, just giving it a bit of context.

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