Liverpool Supporters Unfurl Anti-Margaret Thatcher Banners at Premier League Match [PHOTO]

A small group of Liverpool supporters unfurled anti-Margaret Thatcher banners at today’s Premier League at Reading’s Madejski Stadium in England.

The banners included “Ding dong, the witch is dead,” “We’re gonna have a party,” “You picked on the wrong city,” and “You didn’t care when you lied, we don’t care that you died.” The Daily Mail newspaper is reporting that Liverpool fans chanted “Let’s all do the conga, Maggie is no longer,” “Maggie’s dead, dead, dead,” and “Margaret Thatcher’s dead, and now we’re going to party.”

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on Monday aged 87. Thatcher’s role in the post Hillsborough Tragedy cover-up has been questioned by many Liverpool supporters. Plus, many of Thatcher’s government policies were viewed negatively in Liverpool after the city sunk into an economic depression in the late 70s and early 80s.

A minute’s silence was observed before the kick-off between Reading and Liverpool in observance of the 24th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster. There was no minute’s silence for the death of Thatcher.

What are your views regarding the small group of Liverpool supporters who unfurled and chanted anti-Thatcher banners and songs? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Liverpool Supporters Unfurl Anti-Margaret Thatcher Banners at Premier League Match [PHOTO]”

  1. It’s not often I say this about Scousers… but good on ’em. The Hillborough cover-up came directly from No.10. And let’s not forget what she did to northern England – including Manchester.

    30 years supporting the Red part of Manchester and I’ll say it again: good on ’em.

  2. Not a big fan of politics intersecting politics, unless it is to throw support for a team, but in this case… Well done. Thatcher was one that thought that to get your way you had to bulldoze people. That government was somehow bigger then the people it is in place to serve. Oddly she is embraced by the right for quotes about socialism, yet she was probably one of the largest growers of the British nanny state. The old say one thing, do the other. Liverpool supporters have every right to be angered, 93 lives is more important then a blemish and blame on policing. And of course Thatcher total over reaction and blame and the fact that she called football supporters, including the dead animals. Tarnished the English brand of football forever… backing English bans in European play etc. Thatcher was not only bad for Britain, but football.

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  4. Good for Liverpool fans showing everyone what they think of Thatcher who was not thought of kindly by football fans in general.

    Well done to Everton who held a minutes silence in honor of the Hillsborough dead.

    Say what you will about the scousers but both Liverpool and Everton fans go at it just as passionately as other rival fans but they are civil to one another and don’t go to extremes to show their differences.

  5. As a Reading fan, the only problems I had was the fact that the Liverpool fans had fireworks and smoke flares – which are illegal in British stadiums.

  6. Has the inquest determined it was Thatcher that ordered or had any knowledge about any cover up of the truth at Hillsborough?

    Is this about JFT96 or about the effect her policies had on merseyside too?

    1. As far as I understand, right now there has been no evidence that Thatcher was involved in a cover-up. However, there were some documents that were marked confidential that haven’t been seen or revealed yet. With her death, it’s possible that those documents may be revealed.

      The Gaffer

        1. South Yorkshire Police were deceitful yes. They fed lies to the Thatcher government. But I’m curious to know whether Thatcher was duped, or if there’s evidence that shows that perhaps she knew more than she cracked on.

          The Gaffer

          1. Thing is time is now the enemy… The longer these things so on the more that is lost to time or secrets. I think from the Thather government’s general distain to football culture, there are certain things we can safely assume… and one is that football was just a tool for them to make examples of what they deemed needed reform in the country. Nevermind that stadiums where death traps, never mind that all saftey equipment was removed for fear it would be used as weapons, these where animals. and Thatcher treated them as such. Classic blame the victim mentality. While you stand above the fray chin and nose up. Russell Brand had an interesting take on Thatcher. Would make a great read regardless of how you felt about her.

      1. So… Nothing has been unearthed that proves or even indicates that Market Thatcher instigated or was aware of any coverup for the hillsborough disaster.

        What the families have gone through with that disaster is despicable.

        However, unless there is evidence proving that Thatcher knew the truth about the police and the real events of the hillsborough disaster, how and why are people justifying blaming her for it?

        I was listening to drive on talksport in the car on Thursday last week (I think) and they were asking if football grounds should observe the minute silence and Durham along with callers were insinuating that she was somehow responsible for the hillsborough disaster cover up.

        I just don’t see how it’s not hypocrcrytical for people in the JFT96 to blame someone for something without evidence, particularly after those families themselves have been the victim of that with the hillsborough disaster.

        If JFT96 is about truth then surely they should wait until the truth is revealed with the new inquest…

        If she is found to have known about and/or aided the cover up then it should be posthumously noted and be recorded as such… And all public records changed and perhaps have her baroness title removed. Otherwise it is completely wrong.

  7. It’s a real shame to see people celebrating the death of another. Despicable…not just the Liverpool fans but any who is celebrating Thatcher’s death or anyone else’s for that matter.

    1. Liverpool fans took anti-Thatcher banners to reading in response to Reading’s chairman who asked for a minutes silence for her. It was not a popular request and not well-received by football fans in general including Reading fans.

      1. I think the anti-Thatcher banners would have been unfurled no matter who Liverpool played today even if it wasn’t Reading.

        The Gaffer

    2. Not sure that is true… In America we celebrated the deaths of Bin Laden and rightfully so. He ruined the lives of so many. If Thatcher is complicit with a cover up, then I would imagine those whose loved ones died would mind too much her passing. It is all context and perspective.

      1. I didn’t really think the Bin Laden death should have been celebrated either… not that he wasn’t a terrible man because he was. I just have a problem with celebrating death.

  8. A friend of mine from Ipswich summed up the feelings of his family last week: “Thatcher’s dead, Good luck Satan!”…

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