Zenit vs Liverpool, Sparta Prague vs Chelsea, Spurs vs Lyon & Newcastle vs Metalist: Europa League Open Thread

After yesterday’s sensational match between Real Madrid and Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League, it’s time for the UEFA Europa League. Four Premier League teams are in action today starting with Zenit St Petersburg versus Liverpool (at Noon ET), followed by Sparta Prague against Chelsea (at 1pm ET), Tottenham Hotspur versus Lyon (at 3pm ET) and, last but not least, Newcastle United versus Metalist (at 3pm ET).

If you live in the United States, all of the matches are being televised and will be shown live on television and the Internet (view the schedule here).

Liverpool’s starting XI: Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Carragher, Skrtel, Allen, Henderson, Gerrard, Sterling, Downing, Suarez.

Today’s matches in the Europa League are the first leg in the round of 32. The second leg matches will be played on February 21.

Before, during or after today’s Europa League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

32 thoughts on “Zenit vs Liverpool, Sparta Prague vs Chelsea, Spurs vs Lyon & Newcastle vs Metalist: Europa League Open Thread”

    1. My feed keeps skipping backwards every 3-5 minutes. At this rate the match will finish just in time for Saturday’s FA Cup games.

      This is why I only use FS2G during their free previews. I would never pay their asking price for the quality of service that is provided.

          1. As bad as the FS2G quality is…they would have to pay me to watch if their quality was as bad as Suarez’. I was going to post earlier that I was wondering if Suarez was on the take to keep Zenit with a clean sheet!!

      1. I’m holding out hope that NBC will introduce a better service next year. Fox has never gotten their technical act together with FS2G and it just isn’t worth the money. NBC did a very good job with the last Olympics, and I hope that they use the same architecture and backbone for the EPL.

  1. That hulk smash is an example of why last weeks win again st brazil means nothing, Hulk was on the bench, Damiao wasn’t there…it was a weak brazil side, yes England can only beat who’s in front of them, which is fine. Its the media rubbish after the game making stupid claims like Wilshire as good as Gazza or Hoddle, and how great Gerrard was as a holding midfielder… put a full brazil team out in a competition format and Im pretty sure Woys Wovers will get spanked. watch what happens in june…

    Gerrard looks pretty Rubbish against Hulk right now

  2. man alive that cfc game looks like its cold, wouldn’t surprise me if someone pulled up lame around 80 mins with a hamstring issue in that weather.

    1. He’s not made out to be a good co-commentator, and he’s not a good analyst (although he’s getting better). I love him as a footballer, but he has a long way to go as a pundit/commentator.

      The Gaffer

  3. Can someone explain to me why the TV feeds all had in studio commentators who were all terrible?

    I’d rather have just had crowd noise!

    1. FOX Soccer 2Go had the international commentators. The games on ZFOX Soccer used their in-house commentators. (JP, John Strong, McBride and Dunseth).

      The Gaffer

  4. Liverpool’s season gets from bad to worse. Rodgers chose a very strong team yet they lost. I honestly think Rodgers is in over his head managing a team like Liverpool and he is tactically ineffective. You will also note that he has abondoned the passing game for a more direct one. Even that hasn’t made a difference.

    I can see Liverpool lose to Swansea on Sunday, even if Swansea will have one eye on the Capital One Cup final next weekend, and then lose to Zenit again on Thursday.

    1. Instead of blaming Rodgers, blame Luis Suarez who missed several easy chances to score against Zenit.

      It doesn’t matter what the manager does if his players are going to miss their chances to put the ball in the back of the net.

      The Gaffer

      1. Sorry but you have to criticize Rodgers for Liverpool’s failures this season. I agree that Suarez missed some easy chances but Zenit also missed chances were it not for some good goalkeeping from Reina. Zenit looked the better team even if they hadn’t played competitively in 2 months. They also seemed better prepared tactically.

        It is not a coincidence that Zenit, Arsenal and West Brom all scored two goals within a 5 minute span against Liverpool. Rodgers hasn’t bought a single defender and the team is defending poorly. That this has gone on for some time the blame has to rest with the manager.

  5. Bale isn’t leaving for anything less than ÂŁ60m plus maybe even ÂŁ80+ he’s so young he you are buying potential too.

    I don’t see him going anywhere, he knows what’s coming in the summer, another season with avb at minimum.

    It’s too early to say he’s as good as Ronaldo, he has the potential. Do it for a whole season, be consistent like Ronaldo then we will talk.

    I still think he’s a legend and we haven’t had a player like him in my opinion since Gazza. It’s the potential that exciting. All these muppets saying we are a one man team obviously don’t watch the games, they just watch Bale.

    Lagavulin extra enjoyable this evening. Holtby is like a fresh breeze in the face after 3 hours playing golf at la Quinta in July.

    Adebyor was just plain lazy today… Super jan called him out too during play, Parker was visibly saying don’t pass me the ball, we have yet been able to select the best starting 11 this season due to injuries and we are still above Farcenal, 1point off third, 5 off 2nd and 1 away draw from playing inter millan in the next round of the UEFA cup.

    Not too shaby considering we don’t have a striker! LoL

    AVB is Truely a Dapper Genius !

    1. Dnt compare bale with Ronaldo he will never be as good as Ronnie. He doesnt have the technical ability cr7 had. Its easy to nullify bale put a guy on him with the same amount of pace and your good. Please hes not better than Pedro or Sanchez of barca who score 25+ a season much less di maria or Ronaldo. He will never score 40 a season the guy isnt better than meuller of bayern or even Goetze for Dortmund. Rant over. Dont compare him to a legend when he can only beat a defender with pace and not skill. 60 mil my ass. Ronnie was 80 and he was the second best footballer in the world and bale isnt even good enough for the world xl. Over priced over rated.

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