Why is Sergio Busquets So Underrated?

When you read or hear about Sergio Busquets what springs to mind? Diver? Play actor? In his time in the Barcelona first team he has been labelled and scrutinised in every way possible but there is so much more to him than what the press say. In this modern era of football people tend to go along with what they read in the media and don’t say what they feel. I’ve always said that Busquets is a brilliant player and he can only get better. I feel I may be one the only Busquets fans around but he is so massively underrated and he deserves praise for what he has achieved at his young age.

He made his debut in 2008 and from that day he has performed superbly with him being a vital cog in the Barcelona team. In the Barcelona team 3 players get all the praise and all the recognition but although he doesn’t get goals Busquets deserves just as much credit. At the tender age of 24 he has achieved the following:

  • 3 La Liga titles
  • 2 Copa Del Rey trophies
  • 3 Spanish Super Copa trophies
  • 2 Champions league trophies
  • 2 European Super Cup trophies
  • 2 World club cups
  • World Cup 2010
  • European Championships 2012
  • UEFA team of the tournament for the European Championships in 2012
  • Won La Liga Breakthrough player in 2009

Despite the trophies and individual awards he has also made many changes to both the Spanish team and the Barcelona team. With his sterling performances in the Barcelona team he benched Yaya Toure and Seydou Keita which eventually made them leave the team because they weren’t getting the playing time they desired. In 2010 Barcelona signed Javier Mascherano a player who also happened to play in Busquets position so what happened? Busquets upped his game even more which forced Barcelona to move Mascherano to a Centre Back. Not only did he do this with Barcelona he also did with it Spain moving Marcos Senna out of the squad. After Euro 2008 Senna was pushed out the squad by Sergio, with Senna still performing well for club, there was no moving Busquets who then went on to take his place in the 2010 World Cup squad.  Away from trophies and moving players out of position he always gives 100% on the pitch and he seems to have his head screwed on. Busquets is a model professional and he has Barcelona blood and the Busquets family name has history with Barcelona with his dad being a former Goalkeeper and a current goalkeeping coach at the club. When his dad was at the club he used to take a young Sergio to training and used to take him the dressing room where he would listen to the talks and the players advice  so even from a very young age he was destined to be a footballer.

How much more can Sergio go on to achieve? I personally think he could go on to be one of the best in the world and possibly become a future Barcelona captain and maybe Spain captain. Let’s not forget that he is still only 24 so if things go well we could have another 10 years of him.

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11 thoughts on “Why is Sergio Busquets So Underrated?”

  1. I thought I heard a stat that he had the highest average completed pass rating in 2012. I know Xavi is up there too with his pass ratings, so maybe I misunderstood what I heard. But it’s obvious that he passes very well, especially in tight situations. It really bothered me when he “over-re-acted” and fell to ground to easy when kicked or tripped, but I think he’s gotten a lot better with that.

  2. I am a huge fan of Busquets. He is one of the most intelligent players around. He takes the ball out of tricky situations through incredible 1 touch passing when the opposition is putting pressure on the defense, he plays as a sweeper when needed, his passing and vision is immaculate, has a great control and awareness, is an integral part of Barca’s building up play from the back, makes perfect tackles and great passes. He has one of the best 1 touch passing and control skills in world football. He is the best defensive mid fielder in the world today without a doubt.

  3. He is d best defensive midfielder in d world for me.He is the only one that plays a game similar to xavi’s in the entire barca squard.Check out his turn arounds,d way he controls play wen we under pressure.I think with d way his playin he wuld 1 day take over d holdin midfield role frm xavi cos as it stands no oda player has similar characteristics as xavi wen it coms 2 controlin n holdin on 2 d ball

  4. Seeing as this has got a fantastic response what would you guys like me to do my next piece on? A particular player maybe?

    Cheers Guys

  5. An article on Messi, of course ;)…. but that’s been done a gazillion times. But what I would really like to know is why in the heck a #1 goal keeper does not want to play for Barca. I’m speaking of course of Valdes. I can only guess that there must be some negative personal feelings with him not wanting to play for his club anymore.

  6. Ive got a rather good one on Messi which is quite a suprisng one infact. Its far from your normal ‘Messi is great etc’ stories you see…

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