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Liverpool’s Martin Kelly Ruled Out Until Next Year While Daniel Agger Could Miss Rest of Season: The Daily EPL

this is anfield sign Liverpools Martin Kelly Ruled Out Until Next Year While Daniel Agger Could Miss Rest of Season: The Daily EPL

Liverpool has had a tough start to the season with matches against Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City, so it’s not surprising that they find themselves in the position that they’re in. Things will start getting easier for the Reds, and we’ll begin to see more youngsters coming through the system who have shown so much promise so far such as Sterling and Suso. We may see even more teenagers in the side now that Martin Kelly has been ruled out until next year with an injury, while Daniel Agger could be out for the season. Fabio Borini is also an injury concern.

Things will start getting better for Liverpool. It’s just going to take time and patience.

Here are the Premier League news headlines this morning:

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20 Responses to Liverpool’s Martin Kelly Ruled Out Until Next Year While Daniel Agger Could Miss Rest of Season: The Daily EPL

  1. NeilO says:

    Rock bottom they call it.

  2. Buddha says:

    Huh? Considering we didn’t pick up ANYBODY during the transfer window (what the heck was the backoffice doing? Is this all John Henry’s fault locking up the wallet?), and we weren’t deep to begin with, it is all going horribly wrong for Liverpool. Championship football, anybody? And when that happens, funding further dries up and good players go elsewhere. Witness Leeds. Thinking more teenagers from our development squad having to be plugged in are going to compete with the mature and skilled talent in other teams in the Premiership is simply delusional. And the January transfer window is too far away to stop our implosion.

    • Clampdown says:

      Fair weather fan.

      • Buddha says:

        No, a fair weather fan would stop rooting for Liverpool as it swirls down the toilet and gets relagated and choose a “better team” to root for. I will continue supporting Liverpool. I just don’t consider “being a fan” requires not having an honest assessment of our back-office decisions, our quality of talent, and our likely short-term path.

        • dust says:

          you are right Buddha, clampdown is quite the Zealot.

        • Clampdown says:

          I wouldn’t disagree that management screwed up the transfer window badly. However, the talk about being relegated after only five matches is ridiculous. And the Leeds comparisons? Come on, man. How about giving Rodgers some time and throwing your support behind the kids we’re playing? Many of them look good. Liverpool will get a striker in the January transfer window. I seem to recall Arsenal and Spurs having awful stretches to begin seasons recently, and they both turned out fine.

  3. dust says:

    Agger going down is more worrying for LFC I think. As is the form of Pepe,Freezal could end up back at LFC in January if it continues to be poor. Norwich isn’t going to be easy either.

  4. Paul says:

    While Carragher has been a good servant to their club, I’m sure LFC fans are dreading the thought of him being their starting CB.

  5. mc pew says:

    It must be really galling for Liverpool supporters to watch their team collapse while Everton is playing absolutely brilliantly and look like a genuine contender for Liverpool’s much-wanted Champion’ League spot.

    • The Gaffer says:

      That’s a bit unfair on Liverpool. Look at some of the teams who Everton have played – Swansea, Aston Villa, West Brom and Newcastle.

      The Gaffer

  6. Gaz says:

    It’s frustrating, but I’m not too concerned. We’re playing good football.

    Rodgers has done an excellent job of laying a foundation that we can grow into as more players (youth & purchased) come to the club.

    Someone above mentioned the Championship. It’s not going to happen, and I would be upset about it. However, if it would get us back some confidence and spring-board us for the future, then so be it (Newcastle is one recent example – not everyone has to be a Leeds).

    I want the good football play to continue from my club, the trophies will come if we do so.

    • Buddha says:

      My concern, and comment about Championship, is our total lack of depth. By not picking up anybody in the transfer window, we were in essence gambling that our starters would remain healthy all season and allow a couple young guys to be plugged in and developed as necessary. But the recent injuries to Kelly and Agger and Borini are troubling. Now Carragher, who has aged in dog years lately and is less mobile than the corner flag, is going to have to play a larger role in the back 4. And Gerrard hasn’t gone a season without an injury in a while, imagine if he or Suarez go down. And why we allowed Kuyt to go is simply beyond me, we could use his work ethic and hussle out there.

      I get what Gaffer is saying that we have faced some of the top squads while Everton hasn’t, and agree with earlier comments that we have looked better than our results have showed. But injuries WILL happen. And simply put, we don’t have the quality to plug in as our starters go down throughout the season. I HOPE I am wrong. But I got that sinking feeling, the same one I had when my San Diego Chargers (NFL) went 1-15.

      • Gaz says:

        We had tons more squad players last season to cover for injuries, but I wouldn’t switch our current situation for last season’s situation. Would you?

        For instance, I loved Kuyt, but having young players gain first-team experience is preferable to playing an old bandaid like Kuyt any day of the week.

        My point is that, sure, we may lose quite a few matches this season – but we want good football first (which I see starting to happen), and the trophies will follow. Buy, buy, buy is not the answer for Liverpool.

  7. Andre says:

    With the exception of the first game when they were annihilated by West Brom I think Liverpool has looked pretty good. They have played a tough schedule and for long stretches of each game looked the better team and were done in by individual lapses like the errant back pass vs City and the two players rubbing each other out of the play that lead to the penalty yesterday.

    That should be encouraging in a way and it kind of is but when you see a team continually do the little things wrong it feels like something is wrong internally.

    Ultimately though I think Rodgers will be given time and Liverpool will look much better a few months down the road.

  8. Jason says:

    Until Liverpool get a decent striker they will be struggling to get out of the bottom half. This is what the club gets for having owners who know so little about the sport and messed up so badly in allowing Carroll to leave and not bring in a replacement. Incompetence of the highest order.

    Everton have looked very strong and did get a better result against United than Liverpool. I cannot see Liverpool with their squad finishing above Everton.

  9. Mufc77 says:

    Next 3 games for Liverpool are Norwich, stoke then reading and if they don’t get 7 points they will be in serious trouble going in the derby with Everton. I wouldn’t bet on them getting 7 points from those 3 games with the injuries they just picked up.

  10. dust says:

    Spurs starting 11 Vs Man Utd this Saturday

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