Russia vs Poland, Euro 2012: Open Thread

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Russia against Poland will be the most tense match of the Euro 2012 tournament, both on and off the pitch thus far. It could begin as a rather cagey match, with both teams scared of making mistakes. But once it gets going, it will be played at a feverish pace. Poland, the host country, will be backed by a massive crowd and will desperately want to get a win to move one step closer to the next round. Russia, meanwhile, knows that a win against Poland, especially after their convincing victory against Czech Republic, could be enough to essentially make their quarter-final appearance a formality.

This promises to be a must-see match. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get ugly, on or off the pitch.

According to the BBC, minor clashes have broken out between rival Russian and Polish football fans in the Polish capital Warsaw ahead of a Euro 2012 tie between the two teams. As the BBC warns, this is a very tense day in Warsaw.

Before, during or after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “Russia vs Poland, Euro 2012: Open Thread”

    1. It was probably not the best idea to have this game played in Poland. On the other hand the only acceptable venue would be Lviv as in the rest of Ukraine there is very strong anti-Polish sentiment.

  1. Russians looking for trouble again, of course russians marching through the polish capital on Russia day will be taken as an insult by the polish. Why even do it? So ridiculous.

    Have the Russian team come out against the actions of their fans? if not, they should just be kicked out of the tournament. it’s not like it’s an isolated incident. Great way to mark a national day celebrating country, go to another country at a sporting event and march through the street and start a riot–morons.

    1. Well in the article you referenced it says that the march was approved by the Polish authorities. It also reported incidents of Polish fans attacking Russian fans. By your logic should Polish team be kicked out the tournament if they don’t come out against these actions?

      1. no, just the russians, you missed the point. Rubbing Russian nationalism in the face of the Polish given the history of the 2 countries it’s ridiculous. Because the Polish are allowing the march it doesn’t mean it should happen. its like saying free speech allows for racism so it’s ok to be racist.

        And its not an isolated incident with russian fans during the tournament is it?
        Perhaps you can find a way to also justify the atack on the english fan as well as the stewards after the other game?

        1. So you equal expression of national identity to racism? What about British imperial symbolic at World Cup in South Africa given history of the 2 countries?

          1. what? you miss the point still, and I’m not getting dragged into a back and fourth about this with anyone, let alone with someone that doesn’t know enough on either of the subject’s mention in your post.

  2. Seriously, Germans refereeing a game between Poland and Russia..has anyone at uefa even read a book with any european history in it? lol

    1. Perhaps a bold move from UEFA to put old demons behind? It would have been fitting to have line officials from Ukraine and Sweden…

  3. What is it with Eastern Europeans and the “Seven Nations Army” chant??
    I thought that song died 10 years ago?

    1. It’s not just Eastern Europe. It’s a popular song that’s played in stadiums throughout Europe.

      When I was in Switzerland for Euro 2008, they played it before, during and after the Italy-Netherlands game.

      The Gaffer

  4. Need 45 more good minutes to win the group. But with Lewandowski and Obraniak lurking around you cannot breathe easy yet.

    1. This group is still wide open all 4 teams have chance to qualify. I think Russia and Poland are the two best teams in this group and should move on but both Czechs and Greeks are quite capable of pulling out an upset. Overall it was an outstanding game with good attacking football. So far Group A delivers in terms of entertainment and quality.

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