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Poll: Will it be Norwich, QPR or Swansea to Survive the Drop?

norwich swansea qpr1 Poll: Will it be Norwich, QPR or Swansea to Survive the Drop?

“Norwich, Q.P.R., Swansea! Come in, come in.”
“Well, this is rather nice.”
“It is, isn’t it?”
“May we take our coats off? And could we trouble you for some seats, we’ve come a long way.”
“Erm, I wouldn’t get too comfortable.”

Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers and Swansea City join the Premier League party this season. None is a Hull City-esque fairytale as all three have tasted the top flight before. But each has a compelling story, particularly Swansea. And as usual, the desperate clawing to avoid the drop zone may make more compelling viewing than the musical chairs for Champions League spots at the top.

Each club’s supporters are long-suffering and will hope for at least a few years of fun in the upper reaches. But all the major houses put heavy odds on all three tumbling right back down whence they came. Such odds won’t make supporters of Wigan Athletic or Wolves sweat any less on Saturdays. But what say you, which of the three do you think will survive the drop. And do you think any of the three can not only survive but thrive? Share your opinions in the comments section and vote in the poll below.

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10 Responses to Poll: Will it be Norwich, QPR or Swansea to Survive the Drop?

  1. Spenser Davis says:

    QPR will definitely stay up if they keep Taraabt and he and DJ Campbell stay fully fit. Campbell had a rockin season in the Prem last year, and Taraabt can provide the service as well as score goals himself. I put QPR around 15 or 16 with the other 2 getting the axe along with West Brom or someone of that ilk.

  2. Jaric says:

    QPR – no question about it. I might even say they’ll finish 11th or 12th. The other two clubs have a chance as well. Wigan, Wolves, Blackburn and Villa may be the ones fighting relegation as well.

  3. Jason Gatties says:

    I couldn’t vote in this poll cause I have two of the three staying up. Norwich & QPR. Swansea will go down.

  4. MG says:

    Hilarious illustration haha

  5. Jesse Chula says:

    nothing like a good coachie illustration!

  6. Burt Reynolds says:

    QPR will stay up. They’ll probably have a different manager come the end of the season, but they’ll stay up. Norwich at the bottom of the table, and Swansea are heading down with them.

    • The Gaffer says:

      I think Neil Warnock will be out of a job at QPR within the next two months. Perhaps even sooner. That’s just not based on today’s game. It’s based on the black cloud over the ownership issue which has been hanging over Loftus Road all summer. If QPR want to sell the club, they’ll need to ensure they stay up this season to keep the value high.

      The Gaffer

  7. Gaz Hunt says:

    Despite the first match, QPR will stay up and Norwich may just barely get by.

    I’m just guessing like everyone else but I’d say Swansea is most likely out of the three after watching all three quite a lot in the Championship last year. Sorry, Gaffer.

    I posted my prediction in a previous post that didn’t take but I think I had Blackburn, Swansea, and Wigan going down.

    I think it’s interesting that since 1996-1997 season, only 21 of the 45 promoted clubs have been relegated right away. That means that one or maybe even two teams stay up (if even just for one more season) more than not.

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