Premier League Footballers Need to Take More Responsibility

Photo by Ronnie Macdonald

As we analyze the migration patterns of footballers this summer, we see a lack of responsibility.  Players are feeling the need to quit their current clubs and move on to where they can win trophies.  These same players refuse to blame themselves for the misfortune of their club.

Arsenal is a good place to start.  Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri want to leave the Emirates because of the Gunners much-talked about trophy drought.  Gael Clichy admitted that he left Arsenal for Manchester City in the name of silverware.

Maybe these players should consider how they impacted Arsenal this season, particularly Nasri and Fabregas.  If Nasri’s performance had not dipped dramatically in the second half of the season, maybe Arsene Wenger’s squad would have pushed Manchester United harder for the Premier League title.  Had Cesc Fabregas not tried an ill-advised back-heel near his own penalty area, maybe the Gunners would have defeated Barcelona and advanced farther in the Champions League.

Fabregas is Arsenal’s captain, and should take some of the blame for the recent disappointments.  Instead, he has let the Barcelona transfer saga continue as he tries to hitch a ride on the Camp Nou trophy machine. Surely, the Spaniard would have lifted the Premiership trophy had Arsenal overtaken United, and he should claim a portion of the criticism as well.

Staying in North London, Luka Modric may leave Tottenham to win trophies and play in the Champions League.  Gareth Bale, who has now committed to Tottenham, was rumored to have similar feelings.  Both players are key components for Spurs and had something to do with their disappointing finish.

The inability to look in the mirror is not exclusive to football stars.  Basketball player Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami to join up with fellow superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Footballers have to make the most out of their short careers.  But wouldn’t finally leading Arsenal to a title be more rewarding for Cesc Fabregas than jumping on the Pep Guardiola train?

There are talented footballers who have stayed loyal to their clubs through tough times, and it has paid off.  In England, Steven Gerrard’s name comes to mind.  Gerrard agreed to join Chelsea back in 2005 but made a stunning U-turn and decided to sign a new deal at Liverpool.  Looking back on this ordeal, it seems ridiculous to imagine Gerrard at Stamford Bridge.  Although Gerrard did miss out on numerous trophies with Chelsea, his legacy as a Liverpool legend will never be tarnished.

In Italy, Alessandro Del Piero and Francesco Totti both decided to stick with their clubs during rough times.  Del Piero stayed on at Juventus even when the Italian side was famously relegated to Serie B due to a match-fixing scandal.  Francesco Totti is synonymous with Roma and is an Italian icon because he has been loyal to his club.  Roma have not won a Serie A title in ten years but do not expect Totti to hand in a transfer request.  Both are beloved in their respective cities and ooze class.

Players should take more responsibility for the results of the club.  Footballers should work to improve their game and leadership abilities instead of blaming the club.  Looking in the mirror is a better decision than to look elsewhere, especially when talking about a player moving from one big club to another.


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