Get Ready For A New Dawn Of EPL Talk

On Tuesday, EPL Talk will be making a massive announcement. The biggest news of our more than 5-year existence. It’s something that we’re confident will interest many of you, especially die-hard supporters of Premier League clubs (as well as people who eat, live and breathe Premier League football).

Comcast customers shouldn’t get too excited. It’s not (finally) the arrival of Fox Soccer Channel HD or FSCTV on that cable station. The news, instead, is EPL Talk-specific.

It’s something that we’ve been working on, behind the scenes, for a few months. And all will be revealed on this site on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9am ET.

The question, for you, is… what is it? Post your guesses in the comments section below. Let’s see how astute you are!

P.S. On an entirely different topic, I want to issue a public service announcement that there is no early kick-off in the Premier League tomorrow. However, there is a massive match being played at that time Saturday between Swansea City (my team) and Leeds United. It’s a pivotal match between two strong teams in the nPower Championship. Both clubs are fighting to get promoted to the Premier League. So if you don’t have any plans Saturday morning, watch Swansea City against Leeds live on at 7:45am ET or on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom.

I’m a bit biased, but out of all of the teams in the Championship, Swansea plays the most attractive football. They play a continental style, with the ball being passed around on the ground rather than hoofed up the pitch. Leeds are also entertaining to watch (as many of us saw in January when they almost beat Arsenal in the FA Cup).

55 thoughts on “Get Ready For A New Dawn Of EPL Talk”

  1. Hmm…

    1. Major Site Redesign; but that wouldn’t be really be something for “die-hard supporters of PL clubs.”

    2. EPL Talk partnered with FOX Soccer and all readers get for FREE (or some kind of discount)! 😉

  2. You say that this will be of interest to the EPL fan. Hmmmm. Okay – you are about to start a fantasy league. Fine, go ahead. Just keep up the good writing, keep building the community, and keep lobbying the US TV channels on our behalf – go ahead, do as you wish….

    The odd faray into the Championship League, writing about EPL teams on US soil, English players on US soil, EPL teams in Europe – even if it goes beyond your initial EPL scope is always welcomed.

  3. As for my guess: given that you stated that die-hard supporters of clubs will be interested, I surmise that EPL talk will be expanding to having team specific coverage. there will be pages like NUFC talk, for example.

    As for Swansea, I already know i’ll wake up at the ungodly hour required to view the game, so i may as well support the Gaffer’s team as a thank you for the site. I will need some chants to annoy my neighbors with, so hook me up, Gaffer.

    1. I like that the site is non-team specific. I would never look at a NUFC specific site – but I am interested in the team in a general way.

      1. I basically meant that in addition to EPL Talk and the family of blogs they already have, they will have a team specific blog for each EPL team. So, you wouldnt lose the nonspecific blogs, but would gain additional info for the team you support. but, that would be a MAJOR undertaking, so im pretty sure im wrong.

        1. i somehow havent stumbled on your site before, Robert. assuming its the one linked to in your name, it has now been bookmarked. Always happy reading more NUFC stuff.

  4. Gaffer for your sake I hope they get promoted. Actually both Wales teams would make it very interesting.

    If they do get it would it be a way to reopen the discussion of merging the SPL and getting Celtic and Rangers int he BPL?

    1. I’d love to see Swansea and Cardiff get promoted, too. But if it had to be one team, Swansea would be it for me (for obvious reasons). As for whether Welsh clubs getting promoted into the top flight would reopen a discussion of allowing Celtic and Rangers into the Premier League, I’m sure the discussion would happen in the media. But I don’t see it being discussed any further by the English FA or Scottish FA. Reason being is that the Welsh clubs who choose to play in English football have done so for more than 100 years. It’s a given. Always has been that way. Both Cardiff and Swansea have been in the top flight of English football before. Cardiff, for example, were runners-up in the old First Division in the 20s. In that same decade, Cardiff won the FA Cup. But I don’t think, if the Swans or Bluebirds made it into the Premier League, that it would make a difference in Scotland. It’ll certainly generate some discussion, but nothing more than that. Great question.

      The Gaffer

    1. I really hope you’re wrong on this guess. Pay walls and “premium content” would certainly drive me and most others away. I wouldn’t mind being required to provide contact details for free registration (with the understanding that this information would be shared with marketing partners).

  5. I hope its cool but no site redesign please. I like the way things are in that department.

    Since there is chat about the English 2nd division. I noticed that all of the top 10 teams in the table have seen life in the 3rd divsion within the last decade or so. Most of them in the last 5 years.

    1. Regarding a redesign, I actually think that the site is a bit too crowded and it loads a lot slower than other sites (with seemingly even more content than EPLTalk). I’m not sure why that is but a cleaner, more modern design with more up-to-date blog tech and less ‘addons’ would be welcome, in my opinion at least. :)

      1. Civrock, thanks for the feedback. We’re cognizant of the, at times, slow loading times. I’m hoping to have my developer look at this in the near future.

        The Gaffer

  6. EPL Talk has been bought by a Middle Eastern blogging tycoon and he’s going to pay all of the commenters outrageous salaries.

  7. I thought a deal with someone too – like 538 blog got a deal with the NYtimes .. that kind of thing … but we will see on the 1st

    1. I hope not. I was a loyal Nate Silver fan from the beginning but his content quality has plummeted now that he’s at NYT. He lost his independent voice and won’t say anything that’s not 100% supported by facts in fear of a conservative backlash. He used to be a proud progressive and sadly it’s disappeared from his work.

  8. I figure you are on with the buzz from the new iPad which will also side as a levitating skate board like back the future…

    but seriously, hopefully it will be about getting rid of this crap WP template.

    what is it you a magazine style?

    paddy power have it evens that you go to a magazine format. yeah I’m paddy. and I have a mate named Power. innit

  9. As a Leeeds fan with Yorkshire blood running through my veins i will be pulling for the mighty whites in the morning but i certainly hold nothing against you and your team as this site has been fantastic for me over the last few years. Cheers to you Gaffer and may the best team win.

  10. some kind of forum/chat page for each pl club specifically w/related videos, songs/chants, news updates, etc? either that or some kind of dating service that links you up with a female counterpart of the team you support.

  11. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to the announcement. You’ve got a great site and obviously you put in a lot of hard work. Well done, Gaffer.

  12. I’m going to guess there will be club specific pages. It is feasible to do provided enough writers can be found, and will let everyone get news and analysis about their favorite team, rather than only getting information about the top teams

  13. …and I thought I was the only Swansea City in the states. Glad to see I had a fellow fan. It’s rare you get a chance to view their matches, so I was super excited for this morning. What a great match! Unfortunately, I don’t think Sinclair will be around too much longer, he’s terrific.

    BTW, great site. I get so much information from here and it’s a perfect companion for a US EPL fan.

    1. Curtis, glad to see there’s another Jack in the States. There are a couple of other Swansea supporters I know who frequent EPL Talk, too.

      Excellent win today. One of the best Swansea performances I’ve seen in a while. Solid as a rock. Regarding Sinclair, it’s so important that the Swans go up this season. Otherwise half of their players will be plucked away by Premier League clubs. Nathan Dyer, for example, had another blinder today.

      The Gaffer

  14. EPLTalk-HD (or Video podcast with HD support)
    EPLTalk purchases Steven Cohen’s rights to World Football Daily and makes it free.
    Interview with Arsene Wenger, the professor

  15. I’ve been thinking—What could be “massive”? I’ve got it.

    EPL Talk will be the default home page for the new iPad which will be introduced on Wednesday. Way to go, Gaffer! :-)

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