Why John Terry's Foot Injury May Be A Blessing In Disguise For England

Sports News - March 07, 2010

John Terry injured his right foot in training today and has gone to the hospital for a precautionary scan, reveals the Chelsea website. The seriousness of the injury will be known tomorrow when results are released, but the news will be very worrying for Chelsea and England supporters who will be hoping that Terry mends in time.

While fans of the US men’s national team may be excited at the possibility of Terry missing the all-important June 12th World Cup match against England, the news may be a blessing in disguise for England supporters. I’ll admit that Terry has been strong in the last few games for Chelsea, but this has been one of the most inconsistent seasons the former England captain has had.

If Terry does miss the World Cup, it’ll be a perfect opportunity for Ledley King or Michael Dawson to step in to Terry’s shoes alongside Rio Ferdinand, if fit. If Ferdinand isn’t one hundred percent fit, then you could see King and Dawson combining as centre halves for England just as they’ve done so well for Tottenham this season. Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher and Matthew Upson would provide adequate back-ups for King and Dawson if either of them are unfit or not playing up to their potential.

What do you think? Is John Terry’s injury a blessing in disguise, or a massive blow if it turns out he’ll miss the World Cup? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

UPDATE: False alarm. The scan of John Terry’s right foot has been completed and it shows that there is no break. Terry hopes to be OK to play in Sunday’s FA Cup Final.

43 thoughts on “Why John Terry's Foot Injury May Be A Blessing In Disguise For England”

  1. agreed Gaffer…it could be the opportunity to see if the other centre halves are up for it and good enough at the top level…

  2. You are having a laugh. Without Terry we have NO chance. How well do Dawson and King play away from WHL, answer – rubbish. Burnley scored 4.

  3. Reminder:

    PFA Player of the Year: 2004–05
    FIFA World Cup Team of the Tournament: 2006,
    FIFPro World XI: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
    UEFA Club Football Awards Best Defender: 2005, 2008, 2009[55]
    UEFA Team of the Year: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009

    People should really stop reading the papers that are filled with personal agendas. JT has been a rock for Chelsea this season, this injury might just be the end of Englands WC hopes

  4. I’ll admit that Terry’s season hasn’t been the best, but his form has improved at the right time, and although his inconsistency made Chelsea’s season a bit tougher than it should have, his form in the England shirt is generally solid. More importantly, he is more proven at a CB in the England shirt than the likes of Dawson, etc. We cannot ignore how much experience plays a factor in a tournament as big as the WC. Sometimes I think that the public is much too reliant on “recent form” (that is why I’m glad Capello has selected J. Cole and Heskey). So if a player has 3-4 good games in a row, he is more qualified to make the squad for South Africa? Players normally don’t maintain their good form so consistently, especially when there is a month break in between the Premier League and WC. We can say that this guy or that guy has been in great form recently, but can turn to utter shite in the tournament. Let’s not forget that players should also be rated by their reliability and ability to perform under pressure… both which relate to experience. The likes of Terry, Rio, Heskey, perhaps old and not in the best form (and maybe lacking match play for Heskey), but they understand Capello’s system. This is just my opinion.

  5. Can anyone honestly say that JT has had a better season than King or Dawson? No way in hell. I don’t know about blessing in disguise, but England will be just fine. The only people wringing their hands over this are Chelsea supporters or otherwise Tottenham haters.

  6. had an inconsistent season? not according to opta stats- hes still the best in the country according to them! sure he had two maybe three bad games, which is a slip by his impeccable standards… itll be good to see king or dawson in the lineup though
    i dont understand this agenda VS jt: the countrys up in arms cos he slept with his mates EX- sure bros before hoes n all that but the relationship had ended and therefore categorically no betrayal took place… his wife however had been betrayed and should be pissed off, but as far as i can see nobody else has a right to be- and this certainly should never have become a football matter
    seems like a whole bunch of anti terry/ chelsea media and fans lashing out cos they have the chance…

  7. Perhaps, Perhaps not. I think at this point I’d rather have Ledley King. I don’t think Terry or Ferdinand have ever been able to form a strong enough partnership, and for me Ledley King is the on form defender. Capello could never have benched Terry or the press would have torn him a new one. Also, John Terry is not a world class defender. He’s a “good” defender who plays on a world class team. He’s not even the best defender on Chelsea.

    Karma’s a bitch John.

  8. @Chris.

    Not a world class defender, yet he has been voted by his peers into the FIFpro XL every single year it has existed. Only player to do so.

    Something doesnt add up. I reckon its your bias, no?

  9. You cannot improve your chances by subtracting top players.

    With the goalkeeping position already a question mark, and uncertainty over Rio’s fitness, I can’t see this as anything less than very bad news!

  10. tommy g (is that g for gun?) – The dislike for Terry goes way beyond anything to do with him sleeping with Bridges ex. The arrogance, intimidation of referees, bullying etc etc. The bloke is just a complete tit. He is also overrated probably due to having Andy Grays tongue inserted up his rectum every week. Titus Bramble would be top of the opta stats playing in Chelsea’s team.

  11. Gaffer, I think someone hacked into your account – you can’t be serious. As that scouser – hating “world s___cer daily” co-host once said after Eriksson chose Walcott for WC 2006, “this is the @#%&! World Cup, not a kickabout”

    Would it be a “blessing in disguise” if Rooney were to do his knee in on the training pitch because we have Bent and Heskey ready to a “Rocky Balboa”?

    Will England’s chances go up in smoke if John is not fit? No but Terry is still the best centre-halve in the squad.

    1. brn442, no hacking! It was me.

      I would Rooney a lot higher than Terry. Rooney is indisposable for England. Terry is not. He’s a very good defender, don’t get me wrong. But he’s past his prime.

      The Gaffer

      1. You sure “Gaffer”?, in a year when a 32 year old Drogba wins the golden boot and (passing it) Carragher gets recalled to the England squad. John as a 29 year old centre-halve, he is no way past his prime. Plus – its only a two week tournament. He hasn’t had the best season but you don’t win the league with a shocking defence plus he has had to deal with trying to save his marriage and his dignity the last few months.

  12. This is a devastating blow for England, there is no way around that. John Terry is England’s only true, world-class defender (Rio is but is an injury nightmare).

    Dawson and King are not international class and have very little experience between them on such a grand stage. Experience is key in international tournaments, why do you think Italy won it all last time with a largely unspectacular team? EXPERIENCE.

  13. While it isn’t great to lose Terry for England, if I were them I’d be more, much more, worried about Rooney’s status and who the heck they’ll have in goal.

  14. I thought you where Welsh… You should be jumping up and down hoping the entire England squad get injured.

    gyda’m calon yn fy ngwddf

  15. in the current england squad there is no one that can replace Terry in the CB position , Ledley is injured more often than not , Rio is susceptible to most attacking duos with speed , terry is a complete package and i still feel he shld captain the side , though i in no way commend his actions off the field, shameful :(

  16. leadley king .a player who can fal on ground any time while somebody goes 2 score.remember against chelsea 1st leg.i hope terry is injured 2 mis the world cup.experience wil b ur teacher.

  17. As a USMNT fan, I’m thrilled by this development. No way losing Terry is an improvement. The World Cup is not only about talent level, but also experience on the biggest stage in the world. Especially on the back line, you want your most experienced, seasoned veterans to hold down the line. Not hating on Ledley King, but no way this improves England’s squad.

  18. Terry brings leadership, talent, experience and the best header in football.

    His loss would be disastrous for England and make our chances in the World Cup decidedly lower, maybe non-existent.

  19. What great news. Im sorry but karma is finally paying Terry back. Its time for them to call Jags. Terrys not had the best of seasons either. As a previous poster said yes Terry is overated as are most of the England stars. I hate watching England games (Im from the UK orginally) I would sooner watch paint dry.

      1. name me an exciting England match?

        look at the press when England do play. Same old England crap. Theres players in the England team who don’t deserve to be in the team.

  20. Since his team plays my team in the next two important matches, I’m doubly thrilled at this. Who will replace him at center back Saturday?

    The article on ESPNSoccernet claimed that it is just ligament damage, but the also claimed that they are awaiting the results of the scan on Thursday. Which is it?

  21. Sky sports is saying that Terry is hoping to play this weekend in the Cup Final so there you go.

    On a more interesting note: Landon Donovan will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

  22. england wil never win anything unless criticizers start seeing players beyond the team they support.2nd employ an english coach.are u pple blind cant u c al top teams in the world have one of there on managing the national team spain,germany.france,brazil,italy,argentina,serbia,usa,uruguay. lastly most english players apart from milner dont have the skil of holding the bal for along time so they flourish under 4-3-3 formation bcoz england footbal cals for that c manu-chelsea-arsenal.play anything less and u wil rip what u saw.

  23. Terry’s the heart of the team. There’s only 1 England captain! Huge blow to England if it’s serious.

  24. England wil never win anything unless criticizers start seeing players beyond the team they support.2nd employ an english coach.are u pple blind cant u c al top teams in the world have one of there on managing the national team spain,germany.france,brazil,dutch. italy,argentina, serbia,usa,uruguaylastly most english players apart from milner dont have the skil of holdin the bal for along time so they flourish under 4-3-3 formation bcoz england footbal cals for that c manu-chelsea-arsenal.play anythin less and u wil rip what u saw.

  25. I can’t say I’m the biggest admirer of Terry, especially based on his dip in form this season, and of course being a Spurs supporter I’d feel quite comfortable allowing Dawson or King to see more time, because they’ve both been brilliant. That being said, Terry certainly deserved to start in theory, and regardless of whether you think he deserves to play over Dawson/King he certainly deserves to be a contributing member of England’s side. So, any way you slice it, an injury to Terry isn’t “good” news, just maybe not nearly as bad as some would have you believe.

    I would have been more likely to agree had this article been written about an injury to Rio Ferdinand, but obviously that’s not the case.

  26. Other than the gradual effects of ageing, most of Terry’s drop in form seemed to coincide with the press’s release of his most amorous adventures. Unless a new shoe drops, Terry should be over it.
    I’m not too excited about Ferdinand either but at least he and Terry have a long understanding. Would much prefer Terry and King with Rio the first sub followed by Dawson. I’m more concerned about right back.

  27. Rio’s the biggest klutz out there! Sure let’s start two inexperienced world cup players over John Terry! Especially with the horrific goalkeeping I’m sure England would go far without him!

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