Is This Man City’s New Home Shirt for 09/10 Season?


Could this be Manchester City’s new home shirt for the 2009-10 season?

We knew that Le Coq Sportif had been dropped in favor of Umbro, and that Thomas Cook’s days as the shirt sponsor were numbered. And that Man City had talks with Etihad Airlines. But is the above photo the genuine article or a fake?

To me, the football shirt looks like it’s inspired by an Arsenal design albeit without the red. Overall, it’s a pretty smart design. However, the blue lines along the side are unusual and seem to be floating in thin air. And the size and alignment of the Umbro logo and team crest seem out of line. My verdict is that it’s a fake. But in the world of football shirt designs, you never know.

What do you think? A fake or the real deal? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

Source: Todo Sobre Camisetas.

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107 thoughts on “Is This Man City’s New Home Shirt for 09/10 Season?”

  1. Doesn’t look that bad but this early on you have to think no doubt this is fake and somebody trying to guess how a shirt may look. yes we have all heard the rumours about Umbro so this may be true as for the rest all very creative. I will believe when i see it.

  2. Rubbish looking kit, logo O.K. Badge O.K. the rest is very poor old hat design.
    For a club with new found wealth we should be wearing Nike or Adidas,
    far better designs and up to date. Umbro have always been behind in design stakes this is one of the worst I’ve seen.
    Other teams will look at this kit and think we bought it at Matalan, I know thats a bit kit’ist but that’s how cheap and nasty it looking looks to me.
    I can’t believe how poor this is, sorry.
    Really hope this is a hoax.

  3. Horrible. Badly designed by a 3 year old. No flair or originality. Suggest whoever photo-shopped this is either taking the P or a rag. If Umbro see this, I hope they look at it and think it a good example of what it shouldn’t look like and what we don’t want to wear or pay our hard earned dosh for. If it is a serious effort, shoot the lazy design team, save your money and give the project to a local primary school because they could do better than this rubbish.Yuk.

  4. If you look at the new Shamrock Rovers kit on footballshirtculture you see that the Umbro logo is higher than the crest, and worryingly it’s the 2nd kit leaked that is on the same template (England, as someone said before), so either it’s real or someone has far too much time on their hands.

    As for the kit – if they took the pointless horizontal blue lines away and made the sponser stand out a bit more it’s not too bad, i’ve seen us play in much worse!

  5. I do photoshop retouching for a living and think that this is real (unfortunately), there is a slight chance its fake as its not that hard to fake these things, but if I was going off experience i’d say this is real.

    As someone else pointed out, badge ok, sponser ok, kit manufacturer SHITE!!!!
    I think Umbro totally over design things, look at the collar for instance, it looks like it’d be right at home as Bolton’s 3rd kit and just looks like it belongs in the championship (also like Bolton)

  6. It’s a fake posted on the football shirt culture forum! The badge is horrific and doesn’t even mention the superbia thing! I’ll post the link later! Don’t beleive it and definately don’t get your hopes up!

  7. it is a fake the eithad and the umbro have just been added to ak kit city more a couple of yrears ago i remember the sleeves having a pattern like that
    when they had kiki mussampa playing on the wing

  8. please tell me it isnt please we already get the mickey taken by the rags for our trophy cabinet dont make us easy targets with this shirt

  9. Poor design – have on good authority that is will be Umbro as Manure have a deal with Nike that prevents any Northwest club from having them. Adidas refuse to associated with any team not considered number 1 in the City of any club they are associated with. Umbro it is ( akthough owned ny Nike anyway ) – not this crap kit though – its a fake

  10. Umbro kit are the worsed designs in world football. That goes for peewee leagues too. The England kit has been horrendous since the by-gone days of the lovely Admiral kit in the — what — 1980’s. If City were truly class they would go mit dem drei striffen, but Adidas would never go near the place.

  11. Kit looks a joke gotta be a fake. Why aint garry cooke getting t sorting out with his nike contacts, must know some old rivals Addidas. Umbro was good 15 years ago we should be looking at armarni or versace making are kits. Would love to see the face on the red scum then

  12. I like the design, I personally think its a fake but you never know when these fakes are made after somebody has some first hand info on how the kit will look like.

    Thanks for the link, its nice to see Todo Sobre Camisetas has become a site you keep an eye on!

  13. I think people can relax now. This kit isn’t a photoshop job, but I strongly believe this is a Far East fake by someone who is merely speculating what the new Umbro kit will look like. For one, all they’ve done is take the “leaked” England shirt and changed every colour to match City’s. While Umbro does often use a lot of the same elements in their shirts, it’s not very common for them to just take an England shirt and recolour everything for a club team. There would be subtle differences that just aren’t there for this kit.

    Secondly, this site that is selling the shirt sells nothing but knock-offs at ridiculously discounted prices. Their operation is run from China, several of their other shirts are obvious fakes, and their customer service email address is a hotmail address. Man City may be stuck with Umbro, but I’ll bet my bank account that this is not the shirt City will be wearing on the pitch.

  14. yes folks this is the new kit, ive just come back from hong kong and singapore, and ive seen these and man u`s new kit for sale in the markets.
    i think its too ordinary myself, it does not say. ” hey – here we are” to mee

  15. No need to worry, defo a fake!!!!!

    Look at the badge, no tongue coming out of the Eagle for a start and the writing in the the crest is all wrong so defo a fake. Whether we get Nike or Umbro, i dont really care as long as we get bags of cash from them and we do the talking on the pitch!!!!

  16. That had better be a fake! it honestly looks shit. Why are we going for umbro when there’s the like’s of adidias and nike? we seem to get every sponsor but either one of them! take the man city crest off of that shirt it doesn’t belong there, and besides i’m out of bog roll!! good day!! (god im really pissed off now, i mean why that shirt? god this has really f**ked me off now, AAAGGHHHH IM GONNA HIT A F**KING WALL AAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!)

  17. this shirt looks so f**king terrible tbh, i want city to keep thomas cook as there sponsor and sign with puma or nike not bluddy umbro and etihad airlines! bloody shit shirt, the blues or ment to be on the up and with sponsors like that it will make us look terrible, we need big brand names and sponsors. and a much better kit! for the best team in the f**kin world, come on u blues !!!

  18. brilliant not..
    i’ll have more money for a pint or 20 as i for 1 will be going nowhere near this tea towel..
    i wouldn’t wipe the dishes with it..
    i hope you’re reading this mr gary “nike” cooke..
    you should be ashamed if you think you can dump this off on us..

  19. PMSL

    It doesnt matter what you lot wear, it wont make a blind bit of difference to your trophy tally next season, or the one after that probably!

    City have muppets running them and a United legend!!!!

    Ha ha!

  20. this is a wick kit and they should change the whole idea although this might be a fake. hopefully its not coz its crap !!! there 08/09 kit was da best one they had had in years

  21. this years kit is officially umbro – they’ve won the new contract… i do reckon this shirt is a fake tho for some of the above reasons but i reckon somebody’s had a crack at it after seeing the official kit… quite like it apart from the dodgy dark stripes on the front!

  22. first of all why did everton dorp umbro and pick up le coq sportif and visa versa for man city. the jeresy allright but i dont thin it will be the real one

  23. its the real thing, and the comment about the badge and the umbro logo not lining up, evertons, englands, hulls crest doesnt line up either dummie

  24. i know a lot of people come on here and chat a load of s**t but i am not one of those people and am telling the whole complete truth.

    i work for umbro and have done for many years and can clear up the confusion surrounding next season’s kit manufacturer. umbro WILL make next years manchester city kit – city have cancelled the lcs deal and out of the 3 or 4 suppliers battling for the deal we, umbro, won. also etihad airways WILL be the shirt sponsor from next season.

    unfortunately i have no idea to this date what the new city shirt will look like or whether this is genuine or fake but i know for definate that umbro will make it.


  25. James
    I think that this kit is awful it has been the worse kit we have ever had, I think that my dog could have done a better design.
    I would never spend money on this piece of crap we would get an even bigger lecture off united fans with this kit.

    the new kit is horrible it is not fit too burn never mind wear it i think that rooney or ronaldo looks nicer than that kit.

  26. this kit is rubbish it is the worst kit yet it looks like a kit from the 1900s i hope they dont wear it next season

  27. its fake!! my dad works with man city, the new sponser in true and nike will be the manufacturer, as garry cook use to work with them he has agreed a new deal. sorry umbro.

  28. oh god no please not only is the kit ugly but it says united on the front in arabic, dont we get enough stick from scumchester fans

  29. does anyone even like this t-shirt i mean umbro probley dont even like it . we shold deffinatly get le cost sportif back to our one and only club

  30. Please god this can not be the new kit for next season its got to be some sick joke come on city surely we can do better than umbro?

  31. Real or fake, does not matter as i think it is a bad looking shirt. Given that it may be the genuine article, then i think the designers at Umbro need sending back to school to learn their trade, as my 3 yr old niece could come up with a better design than this! Here’s hoping the real thing turns out to be something worth buying.

  32. im not avin it that is the worst shirt i have ever see they will have to pay us to wear not buyin me kids that not a prayer

  33. Fake 100%. The new shirt will be quality and logo will look good on it(trust me).

    The rags new sponsors are AON so time to start thinking what the initials stand for.

    Man city officially manchesters only football club and now richest club in the world.

  34. Lot of presumptions going on here, i can actually vouch that is NOT the man city kit for next season its a fake.
    The new city shirts are the only football shirts that will be tailored shirts next season and they will feature a round neck just like the city shirts from the 1960’s.
    Ad for the city is a joke comment, we will see at the start of next season when we have a killer first team.

  35. It is a fake. The new shirt is a litter blue, more like the colour we have now and a crew-neck unlike the one shown. The away kit is black, yellow and gold. The third kit is the same as an older kit the white one with red and black across the chest.

    Hope this helps

  36. i heard that the city shirt was a light blue colour and eithad was in black letters and the away kit was the colour pink

  37. Its not real…. the new shirt has a roundneck collar with a white stripe running around the rim and the shirt is a lighter blue.

  38. i am a big fan from Greece,guys….in my opinion the shirt is s**t….but y do not have t forget that our love is the team and not the shirt….b.b

  39. i have another problem……how can i buy the new’s shirt?because i am afraid t use the credit card t buy something from another land………….

  40. hello people .. im sarah .. im a massive blue n i have bin told this is a fake … then real 1 .. its lighter blue .. white coller . n the unbro bage it bigger . . but i hate unbro its rong .. hope this helps u all .. i imagen that city would want sum apinogans on the new kit . .
    thanks x

  41. Hi guys check this page out and the slide show top right the new kits look superb

  42. I think and hope that this shirt is a fake. I dont think I would buy this shirt. Come on the blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. city are goin back in the ages last season they went back 2 red and black strips now they have gon back to a kit they had seasons ago

  44. This is not the shirt, not even close, total fake. The 3 new umbro teams shirts are on the web elsewhere.

  45. i can confirm this is not the new kit! the stylist working on the kit are doing a retro theme this year and if u think i am chatting im not because i work for the club and i have seen these pics for a long time but i want people to stop making shirts on computer softwears and spaming the internet! if you want to see preiveiws visit or hope this seltled any worries! :)

  46. This is probably real because in foreign countries they are allready selling the 09/10 shirt, they find out what it looks like then illegally make it, However real or fake, this shirt is UGLY!

  47. this shirt is horible and sureley city can do better than umbro i mean the richest club in the world surely shu wear a beter shirt than that (i surely wont be buying it)

  48. If you’re a proper city fan like me then you’ll support your team through anything and come on i’m not really bothered about this shirt as long as we win!!

  49. the new man city kit is nasty and i would not want to wear but if you have
    to play a game in it

    i would because i want to play so there’s my opion.

  50. Nah thats not it, the new one is very sharp, should look good as were lifting up the trophy in may! GO BLUES

  51. Its a fake. The real thing is going to be retro (think 1972!) and really cool. Umbro made their first kit for City and this is going to be the best we have seen for years and its British!

  52. no this is not the new kit, the new kit is going back to the 70s when we (city) were winning everything + the new 1 is a round neck not that style neck and the badge is really high up an the chest and i think it might be long sleve to, you might b able 2 choose but i wont know until the 17th of july, high hopes for it though

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