FA Cup Semifinal Draw

A record 731 teams set out for eternal glory in winning the 2007-2008 edition of the FA Cup and after matches since August 18 of last year, we’re down to the last four remaining clubs: Portsmouth, Barnsley, West Bromwich Albion, and Cardiff City.

Bryan Robson conducted the draw for the semifinals this afternoon, with both matches to be played at Wembley during the first weekend of April:

April 5: Barnsley vs. Cardiff City
April 6: West Bromwich Albion vs. Portsmouth

A betting man would likely take Portsmouth to win this competition, something they’ve done only once in their long history (in 1939). However, West Brom, Pompey’s opponent, just thrashed Bristol Rovers, who were the cinderella story in this year’s FA Cup, 5-1 on the road.

Many people, including Chelsea captain John Terry apparently, want Barnsley to go on and win though and I have to say, after beating Liverpool and Chelsea in consecutive rounds, Barnsley certainly would deserve it. The Tykes could be due for a letdown against Cardiff after those two massive victories, so that will be an interesting game to watch.

5 thoughts on “FA Cup Semifinal Draw”

  1. I so disagree with what you are saying. I think that the teams should have to play on fields like this. Who can’t sympathize with a player who wiffs because of a bad bounce. I’ve had to play on crappy fields and all the prima donnas in the EPL can play on it too. Did you see some of the early round games in the FA cup? Whats’ good for the lower divisions should be good for the EPL. I know they have made alot of strides with Turf, but it still sucks compared to grass. Unpredictability should be part of the game!

  2. unitedkick, i think youre in the wrong discussion bud.

    anyway, i pick portsmouth to win. it will be a really interesting match come august for the community shield between some of the old arsenal players against our current team. a truelly arsenal occasion. diarra, campbell, kanu if he’s still around next year, lauren, harry redknapp is really shaping his team into a generic arsenal, all they need are 3-4 world class players.

  3. Alex, I know you’re an Arsenal fan, but aren’t you looking a little too far ahead in saying Arsenal will win the league and play in that Community Shield?

    Manchester United is only two points back and has a game in hand..

    You’re absolutely right though, a Pompey-Arsenal Community Shield would be interesting and would have more life to it than recent Community Shields.

  4. Mr Hleb has clearly missed the fact that Arsenal have only won 1 game in their last 6 and have failed to score in 3 of those.

    I’ve no idea where his confidence comes from….

  5. Non of you know what your talking about, WestBromwich Albion will win the F.A cup this season then face Man UTD in the community shield. Bring on the premier league next season

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