Ronaldinho Not a Fit for Chelsea or Premier League

The Daily Telegraph has the scoop that Ronaldinho’s agent is in talks with Chelsea about a possible move to England for the world’s most popular Brazilian.

While he undoubtedly is one of the most skillful players on the planet, the chances of him flourishing in the Premier League are slim. We’ve seen time and time again how he has difficulty dealing with the more physical nature of the game (especially in international matches like last summer’s World Cup) so much so that he often fades away in games.

Bring him out for Champions League matches, sure, and he’ll shine. But why pay so much for one player if he would only play every two weeks or so?

Chelsea’s move for Ronaldinho is a win-win. If they fail to get him, Chelsea fans will be impressed that the club are trying to make massive transfer signings, while Roman Abramovich’s value in the eyes of fans will have risen. If they get the Brazilian starlet, then merchandise sales around the world would go through the roof overnight. Imagine how many kits Chelsea could sell with Ronaldinho’s name imprinted on the back.

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