We now know when and by how much Paramount+ is going through with its latest price increase. On Aug. 20, 2024, CBS’s paid streaming platform will go up in price by $2. Therefore, Paramount+ will go from $5.99 to $7.99 for its monthly subscription. However, the annual option for Paramount+ remains the same. Year-long subscriptions to Paramount+ will still be $59.99. Therefore, users have far more value when they subscribe to the annual plan.

This is not the first time Paramount+ has raised its prices. In November 2023, Paramount+ rose from $4.99, its original fee, to the current price point of $5.99. This followed a trend of other streaming platforms raising their prices, which has continued to this day. ESPN+ started at $4.99 when it launched in April 2018. Now, the sports streaming service is $10.99, well above that starting price. Also, Peacock, the streaming service from NBC, bumped its monthly fees up to $7.99. That price hike kicks in just before the 2024/25 Premier League campaign, not long before the Paramount+ price increase.

As stated, the monthly option is the only thing changing for Paramount+. All reports indicate the annual option is not changing, which means it is a better time than ever to make the switch to the annual plan. For reference, one year of paying for the new monthly price equates to just shy of $96. That is almost $40 more than the annual option for Paramount+.

Subscribe to Paramount+ before price increase

American soccer fans who subscribe to Paramount+ will notice the price goes up at the beginning of the 2024/25 European soccer season. Therefore, they will want to subscribe to the annual option of Paramount+ to maximize those savings. Here is how to get the annual option of CBS’s paid streaming platform.

  1. Visit the Paramount+ website.
  2. Select your plan. The annual options are available by toggling the ‘Annual’ selection toward the right side of the screen.
  3. Fill in your account details and payment information for Paramount+.
  4. The annual option does not require any type of code, but it will renew after 12 months.

If you are already a subscriber to Paramount+, you can modify your subscriptions and billing in your account settings.

Soccer on Paramount+ is growing

American soccer fans have grown fond of Paramount+. Much of that centers around its coverage of the UEFA club competitions, including the UEFA Champions League. According to CBS, the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund was the most-streamed soccer match on Paramount+. Unfortunately, the actual figures for how many people watched are not available to the public.

CBS is going to have the rights to the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League through the 2029/30 campaign. Therefore, even though purchasing the annual plan can be a risk, fans can rest assured they will have access to some of the best soccer in the world. Moreover, the 2024/25 UEFA Champions League brings about the format change with more teams competing.


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