New Yorker Miloš Balac is one of the filmmakers who’s responsible for the magic of the Welcome to Wrexham series.

From the heartfelt interviews with Wrexham supporters, or the incredible storytelling that goes into the series, Welcome to Wrexham is a joy to watch. It’s an incredible piece of television that has been nominated for six Emmys. Based on the advance previews we’ve seen of season two, the sequel may end up being as good or better than series one.

Sitting down with Wrexham Executive Director Humphrey Ker, we asked him who was responsible for creating the magic that is Welcome to Wrexham.

“We had an incredible team on the ground who were assembled by Boardwalk, the producers, and for the first season, that was John Henion,” explained Ker, who is also the consulting producer on the series. “Season two, it’s Miloš (from America) and Paddy (from Ireland). They inserted themselves into the club.

“They were very close to the players and the people in the town, and I think where the real key lies is having people who the players and fans trust so they will open up and talk to them.

“It’s a collective effort, really.”

Ker played key role in being responsible for creation of Welcome to Wrexham

Ker is the man responsible for introducing Rob McElhenney to the religion of soccer, which ultimately led to McElhenney buying Wrexham AFC alongside Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds.

“Who knows the way the fates would have woven with football if it wasn’t for me,” Ker said.

Ker, who is an established actor and writer, has been spending his time between Wrexham and Los Angeles. In his visits to Wrexham in North Wales, he continues to encounter fans flocking to Wrexham from very unlikely places.

“At the football club, I’ve spoken to people from Thailand, Germany, Denmark, and all of the Scandinavian countries. Almost more weird, I think, are all of the people from the UK (United Kingdom) who are often so tribally entrenched in their team. We’ve had people come from Newcastle, Scotland, the west country, and London who just want to come see a Wrexham game because they loved the documentary.”

The same applies to soccer fans from the United States who have flocked to Wrexham games.

Ker mentioned that The Turf Pub, which adjoins Wrexham’s stadium, has been seeing 60-70 Americans visiting it each day. “That’s been the thing that made me go, ‘woah, that’s crazy’ to have that many people coming in a day,” said Ker.

Season 2 of the popular series premieres September 12 at 10PM ET on FX.

Photo: Welcome to Wrexham publicity