Streaming platform DAZN announced the acquisition of ATA Football, a leader in covering women’s soccer. As a result of the takeover, DAZN will have coverage of all the leagues ATA Football offered. DAZN is no stranger to covering women’s soccer, either.

The streaming platform has provided coverage of the UEFA Women’s Champions League for international audiences. For a time, these games were free. With the growth of the competition’s popularity, DAZN started putting these games behind its paywall.

ATA Football has acted as a sales agency for top women’s leagues in Europe. For example, the media company sublicensed top women’s divisions in France, Italy and Germany to CBS Sports when the two entered an agreement. This allowed CBS and Paramount+ to stream games from these women’s competitions.

However, it is DAZN that wants to emerge as the ‘Home of Women’s Football,’ or so it says. DAZN Group CEO Shay Segev says DAZN and women’s soccer can work in tandem to help one another grow.

“DAZN and ATA football share the same view when it comes to women’s football, the strength of game lies in its participants, fans and distinct appeal,” Segev stated. “By harnessing these characteristics, we believe that DAZN can build on the foundations our investment in the women’s game has delivered so far.”

Women’s soccer can grow under ATA Football and DAZN

Sports Pro Media reported that DAZN’s coverage of the Women’s Champions League was up 17% in the 2022/23 season. Those games, which streamed for free on YouTube, pulled in over 50 million viewers. Much of that was due to the lack of restrictions on broadcasts. Clubs saw a direct impact on their fanbase, too.

With DAZN taking over ATA Football, the chance to continue that expansive growth can reach other leagues. Top women’s divisions in Europe can build on the international reach of DAZN.