Apple is lowering the price of MLS Season Pass for the last three months of the 2023 campaign. With the push for the playoffs heating up, it is arguably the best time to subscribe to Apple’s Major League Soccer platform. There are seven to 10 games remaining for MLS clubs. Only one club has secured a spot in the 18-team playoffs. Moreover, no team has been eliminated, including Inter Miami and Lionel Messi.

Now, fans across the world can watch Lionel Messi and see if he can thrust Miami into the playoffs for even cheaper. Apple is lowering the price of MLS Season Pass to $29 for the remainder of the campaign. That includes the rest of the regular season and every single game in the MLS Cup Playoffs. If you subscribe to Apple TV+, you can get a discounted rate of $25 for each of the remaining games in the 2023 MLS season. Comparatively, the base fee for MLS Season Pass is $14.99 per month. Apple TV+ subscribers pay $12.99 per month.

The season runs into November and December. Therefore, fans taking advantage practically get those games for free. That includes the best-of-three series in the first round of the MLS Cup Playoffs. Then, the one-game conference semifinals and conference finals are in late November and early December. The MLS Cup Final is on Dec. 9, which is far later than its traditional November finish.

Fans would be paying the equivalent of two months of MLS Season Pass to get access to four months. Granted, there are fewer games in the playoffs. However, these games involve the top teams in the league in crucial contests.

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Avoiding the monthly subscription for MLS Season Pass

Apple lowering the price is a great option for fans who want to avoid a monthly subscription. Even if it lasts for just over three months of the season, this saves viewers over $15 in streaming fees.

This replaces a monthly subscription with a cheaper price. Still, fans should know that this registers them for next season’s subscription to MLS Season Pass. If someone subscribes to this $29 offer, they are locked in for next season. Therefore, if you make this one-time payment of $29 to watch the end of the MLS season, you have to cancel it before the 2024 campaign. If you do not, you will face the monthly $14.99 bill. MLS Season Pass is cancelable at any time.

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