Apple is attempting to hire a senior engineer to bring their television and sports app to Android. The tech giant has historically avoided allowing Android users access to their key services. Nevertheless, the new job posting suggests that they may soon finally introduce Apple TV+ to their main competitor platform.

Initially launched in 2019, Apple TV+ was introduced to directly rival streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The company quickly spent a fortune on creating original content and adding to its overall video library. Part of this investment included their massive deal with Major League Soccer.

The tech company and MLS previously agreed to a 10-year deal ahead of the 2023 season. The move allowed Apple to become the global home of the North American top flight. A subscription-based service, MLS Season Pass currently carries all regular season and playoff matchups. In addition to live games, the service also provides access to MLS Next Pro as well. This division is currently the third tier of the United States soccer league system.

MLS Season Pass user experience is not ideal on Android

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The overall success of MLS Season Pass is fairly difficult to determine. This is mostly because Apple has never officially disclosed subscriber figures. The tech company also essentially hides how much revenue the streaming service generates as well.

Fans seem to be fairly split on MLS Season Pass since it was launched over a year ago. Many praise the production value, as well as the introduction of MLS 360. The latter highlight offers soccer fans whiparound coverage of each Saturday matchday.

Nevertheless, there have also been gripes from MLS supporters as well. These issues generally stem from the lack of original soccer content and the price of the actual service. MLS Season Pass costs $14.99 per month (or $99 annually) at the moment. Another problem for many fans is the lack of access for Android users. This, however, may now soon change.

Apple willing to take iPhone sales hit to rack up more subscribers

Potentially hiring an engineer to add MLS Season Pass to Android devices would be a big deal. Apple currently has a stranglehold on the market of high-end smartphones. Nevertheless, Android has more overall global users. This ultimately comes down to the various smartphone companies using the operating system, as well as the typically lower price tag.

Android is currently used by more than 3 billion people worldwide. Apple, on the other hand, has closer to 2.2 billion devices in use. Here in the United States, 40% of consumers have an Android phone, but this figure jumps to 70% when considering people worldwide.

Apple has obvious concerns about opening its television streaming services to its biggest rival. After all, the move could, and very well would, lead to lower iPhone sales. However, it would also increase their overall subscriptions to Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass.

Although the tech giant has never officially released their MLS Season Pass subscription totals, they would surely love a boost in paid members. And the latest decision to potentially include the app on Android reiterates this notion.


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