Apple has introduced a new feature for soccer fans streaming matches on MLS Season Pass. The tech company previously launched the over-the-top streaming service following their massive deal with the North American league. MLS Season Pass is currently the home of every single MLS game on TV. This will continue to be the case until at least 2032.

While the streaming service has been in place since the start of the 2023 season, Apple has just revealed that they are adding a new ‘Catch Up’ feature to MLS Season Pass. This will allow viewers late to the action the ability to review previous events that occurred earlier in the game. Users joining a live stream already in progress can access specific highlights that directly influenced the scoreline of the match.

The new option, labeled Key Plays, is now available when users select a game that is currently ongoing. The feature is visible from the main menu in the MLS Season Pass app. Key Plays is offered as an option when entering the streaming service. Nevertheless, it can also be accessed at any other time in the match from the video player controls menu.

New MLS ‘Key Plays’ feature is only available on Apple devices

The new feature is available to those accessing MLS Season Pass on Apple TV, iPad, and Mac immediately. Fans streaming MLS matches on other devices, however, will be able to use Key Plays within the next few months. These non-Apple platforms include Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, and other smart TVs.

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Highlights for the Key Plays feature on MLS Season Pass are created automatically in the latest iOS 17.6 beta update. These clips will focus on actual goals during the game. However, other crucial moments are also set to be featured as well. This includes red cards, penalty incidents, and even specific shots and saves that help define a game.

Key Plays is a similar feature used by NBC Sports in their broadcasting of the Premier League. The company previously created the highlight reel for the English top-flight matches on Peacock in 2022. The streaming service is currently home to around 175 Premier League matches each season. Peacock also provides on-demand access to every fixture in the division as well.

MLS Season Pass adding new features to improve user experience

MLS Season Pass has received mixed reviewers from soccer fans since its introduction. Many users have applauded the sound and visual quality of the streaming service. Shows such as MLS 360 and MLS Countdown have also been received well. Nevertheless, the list of commentators and co-commentators during games currently lacks star power.

The service’s price has been scrutinized as well. Apple TV+ subscribers can purchase MLS Season Pass for $12.99 per month or $79 each season. However, non-Apple TV+ users have to pay $14.99 per month or $99 each year. Peacock and Paramount+, both currently offering quality soccer content, are significantly cheaper at the moment.

Apple is, however, making some solid improvements to its soccer streaming service. Along with adding the Key Plays feature, the company recently announced plans to offer MLS Season Pass to Android users.