This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, which is an interview with AFP’s Simon Evans on US Soccer and foreign coaches, is presented by Sling.

Gregg Berhalter is back, and US Soccer stated that it went through a rigorous evaluation process to come to that conclusion. The Federation did not state any names as to who it contacted. Yet, media report several candidates were not American. However, none were up to the task by US Soccer’s measurement. It settled on Berhalter half a year after his contract expired.

The players are clearly fond of the coach. But, is this the best US Soccer could do? It stated that finances were no issue, nor were the contract statuses of particular coaches. Berhalter does hold the best win percentage in USMNT history. How valid of an argument is that given somewhat weak opposition.

Simon Evans of the AFP joins the podcast again to discuss the argument for and against foreign coaches with the USMNT.

US Soccer and the debate of foreign coaches: Listen now

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