This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, entitled Final games in EPL, Bundesliga, Championship and Liga MX, is presented by Sling.

It doesn’t get any better than this. We preview this weekend’s end of the season in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga MX and English Championship as a host of games with enormous implications happen across Europe.

This episode features hosts Christopher Harris and Kyle Fansler discussing everything from the promotion and relegation battles in England to where you can watch all of the major storylines this weekend. We also dive into the history of the teams who are facing promotion and peril.

Other topics include the fall and rise of Coventry City and Luton Town, and what that may mean for the Premier League if either gets promoted. Similar to the Bundesliga, we share what it may mean for the German league if Dortmund wins.

We tease news about an upcoming interview, as well as having a conversation about our favorite interviews with guests from world soccer.

Final games in EPL, etc

Listen to this episode below:

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