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Do not let the accent fool you, Semra Hunter is American. At least, that is what her passport says. However, her time in Spain has made her one of the leaders in coverage of LaLiga, and her experience covering the Spanish top flight makes her one of the best hosts and pundits in soccer coverage. As of now, Semra Hunter works with iTV, Sky and LaLiga TV. Outside of that, she has also worked freelance, including the 2022 World Cup.

Hunter joins the World Soccer Talk podcast to talk about her career and how it led to Spain. Plus, she describes her career ambitions and what it has been like to cover the league she is so passionate about. Having already covered a World Cup, many would say that is the top of the ladder for hosts and analysts like Hunter. However, as an American, there is one more step she can take. Not only could she see working back in her home country as a potential landing spot, but she has one specific competition in her sights.

Also, she provides her insight on the current state of LaLiga. Part of what makes the league special is the fact that it is more culturally connected than many other leagues. With the Catalan and Basque regions constantly in political turmoil, each club is unique in its own way. How can that make the league more interesting, but be a hinderance?

Semra Hunter interview with LaLiga TV host

Listen to the podcast episode below:

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