Whether you’re an expat, live in Britain or travel to the UK from time to time, what for you is your favorite British printed newspaper that you read and why?

When I was a teen growing up in Wales, my favorite newspaper was The Daily Mail. Why? I suppose there were a few different reasons. One, the paper was easy for me to read and above the gutter press such as The Sun and Daily Mirror. And two, the size of the newspaper was convenient to read at the breakfast table because it was tabloid rather than a broadsheet.

But as an adult, whenever I visit the United Kingdom, I find myself routinely picking up The Guardian. My familiarity with the writers because of their online presence is definitely one reason. But everything from the design of the newspaper to the quality content give me several reasons why it’s my preferred choice.

When I do visit the UK, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the newspapers there, though. Part of the reason is because the papers – especially the weekend editions – are huge, filled with free giveaways shrinkwrapped inside the newspaper as well as tons of supplements. But I also feel overwhelmed because there are so many wonderful articles to read that it ends up taking me hours to go through an entire paper.

Without a doubt, it’s a rare treat for me to have so much time to actually read a newspaper. But when I’m taking a nine hour flight from London to Miami, it’s a joy to read.

What’s your favorite British printed newspaper and why? Post your comments below.