UPDATE: As of August 2017, NBC Sports has shut down its Premier League Extra Time overflow channels and has instead launched Peacock Premium, which is a paid online subscription service.

Many soccer fans in the United States are still puzzled whether or not they’ll be able to access Premier League Extra Time, the overflow channel service where select TV providers will broadcast the games that are not being shown live on NBC or NBCSN.

The challenge here is that NBC Sports Group has done their job in negotiating deals with each of the major TV providers to offer Premier League Extra Time. But now the onus is on each of the different TV providers to follow through on their promises and to communicate to their customers where they can find these games. The end result is mass confusion because each TV provider works independently and at their own pace.

As an insurance policy, all 380 games this season are being shown live on the Internet via the NBC Sports App.

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In order to try to help everyone figure out where they can find their Premier League Extra Time on their TV provider, I’ve assembled the list below of where the Premier League Extra Time channels will reside.

But I need your assistance. If you have one of the TV providers listed below and you’ve uncovered where Premier League Extra Time channels will live, please let us know in the comments section below so I can update the list for everyone to see.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here’s the guide to where you can find the Premier League Extra Time channels:

AT&T Uverse

SD – Channels 690-697.
HD – Channels 1690-1697.

Bright House Networks

The channel listings differ by market:

Bakersfield market: 1180-1184
Birmingham market: 858-862
Detroit market: 1511-1515
Indianapolis market: 1511-1515
Central Florida market: 1831-1835
Tampa Bay market: 1831-1835

Cablevision’s Optimum

Channels 470-475.

Comcast Xfinity TV

Premier League Extra Time feeds will be accessible through Xfinity On Demand and not as channels per se [Source]


Premier League Extra Time channel numbers will differ by region.

Arizona: 1160-1166. 1700 for Goal Rush. 1701 for Premier League Extra Time.
California: 1701-1707.


Premier League Extra Time channels can be found on channels 491-494.


Channels 875 through 880. A subscription to America’s Top 200 package is required.


Channels 193 and 194.


Channels 200 – 206.

Time Warner Cable

Available but channel numbers differ based on each Time Warner region. Some channel numbers have included 420 – 423, 270 – 274, 1530, 960 – 969, 744 – 747 and 749 – 753.

Verizon Fios

Not available