Fans of the beautiful game are already making plans for the next 2024/25 Premier League season, which means the schedule release carries importance.

All 20 teams went through a rainbow of emotions throughout the just-ended season. With their fourth straight championship, Manchester City once again demonstrated their superiority. Despite a stellar season, Arsenal must now plan their comeback against the defending champions.

Ipswich Town, which has not played in the Premier League in almost 20 years, is getting ready to play in the league again. Additionally, 2015/16 champions Leicester City are making a swift return to the Premier League after a one-year absence.

2024/25 Premier League: What we know

Until July 14, the soccer world will turn its focus to the Copa America and the Euro 2024 tournaments. Despite all this happening, club action will resume its usual prominence very soon; especially as the new Premier League season is drawing near.

On Saturday, August 17, the new Premier League season will kick off. With this beginning date—more than one month after the international finals—there will be more time for vacation. Particularly, when contrasted with prior years when the midseason winter break had been retained.

There will be major shifts in the 2024/25 season during the holiday season. No club will play more than once in sixty hours, and Christmas Eve will not see any matches. The goal of these changes is to make the schedule more manageable; also, to protect the health of the players during a very demanding period of the season.

The 2024/25 season will not have a midseason break like previous years. The Premier League prefers a longer, unbroken summer vacation over a shorter winter break; they reached this conclusion following discussions with medical and technical specialists. With a full three weeks off in the summer, they want to help players recover faster and perform better.

When is the 2024/25 Premier League schedule release?

Many have been waiting patiently, and they will continue to do so, until Tuesday, June 18. In addition to getting everyone excited for the upcoming season, this announcement lets teams, players, and fans start making plans for the thrilling matches that are still to come.

For clubs, the release of the fixture list marks the beginning of detailed preparations. Training schedules, travel plans for away games, and strategic considerations for managing the season without a winter break will be key focuses. The continuous stretch of matches through the colder months will test teams’ endurance and squad depth, especially around the holiday period.

For fans, fixture release day is a thrilling moment that brings the upcoming season into clearer view. It allows supporters to plot their team’s journey through the league, plan for key matches, and anticipate the intense rivalries and exciting showdowns that lie ahead.