Nikola Vlasic, who did not succeed at West Ham, has launched a remarkable critique against the club.

The Hammers paid $33 million for the 25-year-old in 2021, but he saw little playing time and was loaned out to Torino for the 2022-23 season. While playing in Italy, for 34 games, he was credited with five goals and six assists.

But now that he is back in London, Vlasic has made it obvious that doesn’t intend to stay and plans to make a permanent switch to Serie A. As a result, the two clubs are fighting over a transfer price since the Italian side wants to alter the previously agreed-upon deal.

Vlasic asks for Torino move

The reported offer from the Italians for Vlasic is just around $10.2 million, which is at least $3.8 million less than the Hammers are asking for his services. In an interview with Tuttosport, the Croatia international slammed the club for failing to set clear transfer terms with Torino. He says they have offered a sum very close to the asking price.

Thus beginning an extraordinary tirade against West Ham, the attacking midfielder has made his voice heard: “I’m fed up with this dead-end situation. We all know, you first, that I’m not considered an important player here, I’m just one of many in the reserve group. I returned to London respecting the call-up with great fairness and I am training every day with the utmost professionalism, but this cannot be the solution.

“I’ve been telling you for two months that I want to play for Torino, that I no longer want to stay at West Ham under these conditions, on the sidelines. And also, that my own family never wants to go back to live in England.

Player demands explanation from West Ham

“And also, that I’m not interested in evaluating other market hypotheses if ever there were. Your behavior is incomprehensible. I know that Torino has already offered you $9.9 million for a long time, an important figure, respectful of my value and your needs.

“But you don’t intend to negotiate with Torino, you repeat that it’s not enough, but you still don’t communicate to the Italian club what the right figure is, in your opinion. I’m worried: I will continue training with great seriousness, but it cannot go on like this.”

Photo: IMAGO / PRiME Media Images