After broadcasting 64 World Cup games live across Telemundo, Universo and NBCSN, Telemundo Deportes delivered an average of 2.026 million viewers per game and achieved several other noteworthy milestones.

In total, Telemundo Deportes’ complete presentation of all 2018 World Cup matches reached 36.6 million TV viewers, exceeding the Spanish-language reach for the 2010 tournament by +13% (32.3 million), and coming within 1.3 million of the 2014 World Cup (37.9 million) – despite fewest Latin American countries since 2016.

The Final match, a 4-2 win by France over Croatia, posted a Total Audience Delivery average of 5.45 million across Telemundo,, and the Telemundo En Vivo and NBC Sports apps, and a TV-only viewership average 5.32 million viewers.

Hispanics make up 18% of the U.S. population, and yet Telemundo Deportes makes up 41% of the average World Cup viewership (average split for all games through Final (1.9 million vs 2.8 million).

The World Cup posted the greatest 32-day performance in network history, reaching 57% of the U.S. Hispanic population, setting records for the network’s most-watched daytime for every day of the week.

• Telemundo ranked as the #1 Spanish-language network in Total Day viewership for 14 consecutive days among Adults 18-49 (June 15-June 28)

• Telemundo ranks as the #1 Spanish-language broadcast network in Total Day for the full tournament, outperforming its closest competition by +39% among total viewers (through July 12, based on latest available information)

Telemundo’s Mexico-Germany Group Stage match on June 17 ranked as the second-most watched match of the entire World Cup tournament (only behind the English-language World Cup final), averaging 6.58 million viewers for the full program (10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. ET) and 7.13 million viewers for the two-hour match.

• Marked the first time that a Spanish-language broadcast ranked among the top two in a World Cup tournament since 2002.

• Posted as the most-watched World Cup Group Stage match in Spanish-language TV history.

Telemundo’s 2018 World Cup the biggest livestream sports event and the 50 most-livestreamed games in Spanish language history.

• The Mexico-Sweden Group Stage finale peaked at 1.02 million concurrent livestreams – the most for any event in NBC Sports Digital history, excluding Super Bowls, and the only event other than the Super Bowl to hit the 1 million mark.

• Telemundo Deportes’ digital presentation reached 15.5 million unique users, generating a record-setting 130 million livestreams AND 1.96 BILLION live minutes viewed.

In 56 Telemundo game windows, World Cup matches ranked #1 among Adults 18-49 in Spanish-language 93% of the time in the Top 14 Hispanic markets with Local People Meters (730 of 784 windows in those markets).

• Telemundo stations in Los Angeles (KVEA), Miami (WSCV) and Houston (KTMD) had the MOST World Cup viewership in their markets – regardless of language – ranking #1 overall among Adults 18-49, 25-54 and total viewers.

Here are the viewership numbers for the World Cup games televised by Telemundo (note that these are the average TV viewership and the numbers do not reflect online viewership):

Thurs., June 14; 11am ET Russia-Saudi Arabia 1,370,000 Telemundo
Fri., June 15, 8am ET Egypt-Uruguay 1,190,000 Telemundo
Fri., June 15, 11am ET Morocco-Iran 949,000 Telemundo
Fri., June 15, 2pm ET Portugal-Spain 1,840,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 16, 6am ET France-Australia 490,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 16, 9am ET Argentina-Iceland 2,210,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 16, Noon ET Peru-Denmark 2,450,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 16, 3pm ET Croatia-Nigeria 1,930,000 Telemundo
Sun., June 17, 8am ET Costa Rica-Serbia 1,660,000 Telemundo
Sun., June 17, 11am ET Mexico-Germany 7,120,000 Telemundo
Sun., June 17, 2pm ET Brazil-Switzerland 4,350,000 Telemundo & NBCSN
Mon., June 18, 8am ET Korea-Sweden 746,000 Telemundo
Mon. June 18, 11am ET Belgium-Panama 1,600,000 Telemundo
Mon., June 18, 2pm ET England-Tunisia 1,430,000 Telemundo
Tues., June 19, 8am ET Colombia-Japan 1,520,000 Telemundo
Tues., June 19, 11am ET Poland-Senegal 1,200,000 Telemundo
Tues., June 19, 2pm ET Russia-Egypt 1,260,000 Telemundo
Weds., June 20, 8am ET Portugal-Morocco 1,270,000 Telemundo
Weds., June 20, 11am ET Uruguay-Saudi Arabia 1,390,000 Telemundo
Weds., June 20, 2pm ET Iran-Spain 1,630,000 Telemundo
Thurs., June 21, 8am ET Denmark-Australia 913,000 Telemundo
Thurs., June 21, 11am ET Peru-France 1,950,000 Telemundo
Thurs., June 21, 2pm ET Argentina-Croatia 2,030,000 Telemundo
Fri., June 22, 8am ET Brazil-Costa Rica 1,560,000 Telemundo
Fri., June 22, 11am ET Nigeria-Iceland 1,340,000 Telemundo
Fri., June 22, 2pm ET Serbia-Switzerland 1,410,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 23, 8am ET Belgium-Tunisia 1,270,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 23, 11am ET Korea-Mexico 6,600,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 23, 2pm ET Germany-Sweden 3,430,000 Telemundo
Sun., June 24, 8am ET England-Panama 1,510,000 Telemundo
Sun., June 24, 11am ET Japan-Senegal 2,380,000 Telemundo
Sun., June 24, 2pm ET Poland-Colombia 3,540,000 Telemundo
Mon., June 25, 10am ET Uruguay-Russia 1,670,000 Telemundo
Mon., June 25, 10am ET Egypt-Saudi Arabia 38,000 Universo
Mon., June 25, 2pm ET Iran-Portugal 1,670,000 Telemundo
Mon., June 25, 2pm ET Spain-Morocco 153,000 Universo
Tues., June 26, 10am ET Denmark-France 81,000 Universo
Tues., June 26, 10am ET Australia-Peru 1,500,000 Telemundo
Tues., June 26, 2pm ET Nigeria-Argentina 2,390,000 Telemundo
Tues., June 26, 2pm ET Croatia-Iceland 41,000 Universo
Weds., June 27, 10am ET Mexico-Sweden 4,420,000 Telemundo
Weds., June 27, 10am ET Korea-Germany 151,000 Universo
Weds., June 27, 2pm ET Serbia-Brazil 2,120,000 Telemundo
Weds., June 27, 2pm ET Switzerland-Costa Rica 109,000 Universo
Thurs., June 28, 10am ET Senegal-Colombia 1,890,000 Telemundo
Thurs., June 28, 10am ET Japan-Poland 29,000 Universo
Thurs., June 28, 2pm ET England-Belgium 1,360,000 Telemundo & NBCSN
Thurs., June 28, 2pm ET Panama-Tunisia 89,000 Universo
Sat., June 30, 10am ET France-Argentina 3,510,000 Telemundo
Sat., June 30, 2pm ET Uruguay-Portugal 3,810,000 Telemundo
Sun., July 1, 10am ET Spain-Russia 3,530,000 Telemundo
Sun., July 1, 2pm ET Croatia-Denmark 3,110,000 Telemundo
Mon. July 2, 10am ET Brazil-Mexico 4,960,000 Telemundo
Mon., July 2, 2pm ET Belgium-Japan 1,610,000 Telemundo
Tues., July 3, 10am ET Sweden-Switzerland 1,280,000 Telemundo
Tues., July 3, 2pm ET Colombia-England 2,940,000 Telemundo
Fri., July 6, 10am ET France-Uruguay 2,080,000 Telemundo
Fri., July 6, 2pm ET Brazil-Belgium 2,900,000 Telemundo
Sat., July 7, 10am ET Sweden-England 1,940,000 Telemundo
Sat., July 7, 2pm ET Russia-Croatia 2,800,000 Telemundo
Tues., July 10, 2pm ET France-Belgium 2,320,000 Telemundo
Weds., July 11, 2pm ET England-Croatia 2,750,000 Telemundo
Sat., July 14, 10am ET Belgium-England 1,570,000 Telemundo
Sun., July 15, 11am ET France-Croatia 5,320,000 Telemundo
AVERAGE   2,026,234  
TOTALS   131,705,234

Factoring in the viewership via apps and online, Telemundo’s viewership per World Cup game averaged 2.27 million viewers.