Brighton manager Roberto de Zerbi rolled a Michael Jordan inspirational video before the Seagulls’ electric win at Arsenal. Not only did the result effectively knock Arsenal out of the title race. It puts Brighton in a position to qualify for European action next season.

Deniz Undav, who scored Brighton’s second goal in the 3-0 win, spoke to reporters about Brighton’s build-up for the game. Following a 5-1 pounding at home by Everton, de Zerbi wanted to show the players how basketball icon Michael Jordan inspired himself to perform.

“He showed us a video from a famous person, Michael Jordan,” Undav said postmatch. “[de Zerbi] showed us how he got motivated or he motivated himself every game. He showed us after the defeat against Everton. I think it was the right choice to show us a video like this. We showed today how we got prepared for the game and how mentally strong we are.”

It was a mentally strong showing at the Emirates. Arsenal, which only lost once at home prior to this game, struggled. Brighton outpossessed, outshot and simply dominated the game.

Brighton boss not a Michael Jordan fan, but needed video

Roberto de Zerbi added that he is not a basketball fan. The Italian does not watch the sport, but he does recognize greatness in champions. He wanted to communicate some of that mentality to his Brighton players.

“I don’t like basketball but I love the mentality of the champion in every sport, and if I can learn something from the big, big champions I will,” de Zerbi said.

“We want to become, not a big team, but bigger than now. I think the most important part to improve is the mentality. We are not used to playing so many games in a small period.”

If de Zerbi is trying to communicate his mentality desires to his Brighton players, he is doing exceptionally well. Brighton has won now against Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea on the road and a draw at Anfield. Controversy protected a slim win for Spurs in London earlier this campaign.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Colorsport