MLS digital star Rachel Bonnetta has joined FOX Sports to become the newest member of their video show The Buzzer.

Bonnetta, who began her career at Toronto FC as host of their video channel, joined in early 2015 to be the face of their digital network. During 2015, she became one of the brightest stars off the field at MLS, scoring several memorable interviews and segments, as well as hosting the MLS Now and Off Topic With Rachel Bonnetta shows.

Such was Bonnetta’s success at MLS that both ESPN and FOX Sports tried to hire her in late 2015 and early 2016. According to a World Soccer Talk source, ESPN wanted to hire her as Digital Talent for the ESPN FC website, but FOX Sports managed to secure Bonnetta’s signature. She has made the move from New York and will be residing in Los Angeles moving forward.

In her role at FOX Sports, Bonnetta will be the co-host of FOX’s daily social media series “Soccer @TheBuzzer.” She will also host original video series for FOX Sports Digital and contribute to FS1’s soccer coverage.

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“Soccer @TheBuzzer” will expand its coverage to 7 days a week, up from 5 days a week, with the addition of Bonnetta and current “Soccer @TheBuzzer” co-host Nicole Dabeau.

@TheBuzzer is a short-form, daily video series on breaking news and hot topics across sports. Videos are posted several times a day on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and are featured throughout FS1 programming.

Weekly video views for “Soccer @TheBuzzer,” an extension of the @TheBuzzer series, have grown by 492% since launching in August 2014 and now average more than 4.8 million total views per week across all platforms.