PSG is making a massive overhaul this summer, and that includes the acquisition of Manuel Ugarte and Marco Asensio. Ugarte, a hot commodity in the transfer market, is Sporting’s young midfielder that featured in Uruguay’s 2022 World Cup squad. Asensio is, of course, a well-known talent from Real Madrid who has over 200 appearances with Los Blancos.

PSG, which may lose Neymar, Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos this summer, sees Ugarte and Asensio as ways to revamp the team. Both of the players use Jorge Mendes as their representative. French media spotted Ugarte and Asensio, as well as Mendes, in Paris as the likelihood of a move increases.

Originally, other clubs were in the market for both players. Notably, Chelsea targeted Manual Ugarte to make more changes in the squad at Stamford Bridge. Both clubs were ready to pay the player’s $65 million release clause. However, reports indicate Chelsea pulled out of the race for the Uruguayan. This made PSG the frontrunner to land Ugarte. Ironically, PSG outbid Chelsea on Ugarte after Chelsea spent so much in the previous transfer windows.

In Asensio’s case, the Spanish midfielder or forward declined a contract extension at the Spanish giants. He saw his playing time dwindle over recent years, which culminated in 15 starts in league play this campaign. Aston Villa was a popular prediction point for Asensio’s future. Yet, that is another Premier League club to concede to PSG in this transfer window.

PSG brings in Ugarte and Asensio

Asensio and Ugarte are promising, and they have the potential to become great players with PSG. Asensio, already at the age of 27, may not have as high of a ceiling as he did in the past. An ACL tear in the summer of 2019 did no favors on that front, as he missed a calendar year in action as a result. Fortunately, Asensio did at least come back to some success. He scored 10 last season and nine this campaign in league play.

Ugarte’s potential is, in many ways, representative of Asensio’s before his injury. The highly touted midfielder plays a key role as a defensive midfielder in Sporting’s lineup. For PSG, he can provide some security in defense, with Danilo the only other player that can confidently play in that holding midfielder role.