Jose Mourinho was, quite predictably, not happy following his team’s loss in the Europa League final on Wednesday. Roma fell to Sevilla on penalty kicks after a tense and long match in Budapest. Following the disappointing defeat, the Portuguese coach ranted about the officiating and even confronted referee Anthony Taylor in a parking garage.

“This is a European final, and with this kind of refereeing, it is hard to accept,” proclaimed Mourinho in his postgame press conference. “If we talk about refereeing situations, it’s not two or three, it is many. Those of us who have been in football a long time realize immediately what is going on.”

Taylor breaks record for most bookings in Europa final

Taylor gave out 14 total yellow cards throughout the massive match. This was a record for a Europa League final. Mourinho was, of course, one of those involved to receive a booking.

The Roma manager then broke down exact situations where he felt officials involved in the game were wrong. “[Lorenzo] Pellegrini falls in box and given a yellow card; [Lucas] Ocampos did exactly the same thing and he doesn’t get one. It’s a scandal,” continued Mourinho. “VAR called the referee and shames Ocampos, but there’s no card given.”

“[Erik] Lamela — who, by the way, scored one of the penalties — deserved a second yellow but didn’t get it. And let’s not even talk about the big decisions. That’s just the small details.”

Jose Mourinho takes it out on referee after Europa League Final

Along with ranting about officiating mistakes, Mourinho even confronted Taylor in the stadium’s parking garage. The 60-year-old coach yelled profanities and called the English referee a disgrace. According to the BBC, UEFA’s chief refereeing officer Roberto Rosetti was present at the time and attempted to defuse the situation.

Nevertheless, the governing body of the sport in Europe is reviewing reports from Taylor and fourth official Michael Oliver. UEFA will then make a decision on whether or not to take further action toward Mourinho. The coach could face a multiple-match suspension for his actions during and after the game.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportimage