Real Madrid superstar Vinicius Junior was the subject of racial abuse in another LaLiga game. This is not the first time this has happened to the Brazilian this season. Moreover, it is becoming a horrifically regular occurrence in the Spanish top flight.

In this most recent occurrence, Real Madrid lost to Valencia, but the main focus was on the forward. In a fiery match between the two, Vinicius picked up a straight red card. It was the first of his Real Madrid career. Yet, this came on the back of a Valencia player putting the Brazilian in a chokehold. For much of that altercation, Valencia players pestered Vinicius.

The fans in attendance at the Mestalla Stadium were no help. Video emerged after the game of “mono, mono” chants from the home supporters. Translated to “monkey, monkey,” there was a clear reason for Vinicius Junior to be so upset.

Both Vinicius and his manager, Carlo Ancelotti, hit out at LaLiga for its inability to deal with racial abuse. After the game, the player released a statement on his social media accounts. “It wasn’t the first time, nor the second, nor the third. Racism is normal in LaLiga. The competition thinks it’s normal, the Federation does, too, and the opponents encourage it. I’m so sorry. The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi, today belongs to racists.”

Vinicius did say he plans to keep on fighting. Yet, even with the player dealing with this on such a regular basis, he found it hard on Sunday. According to his manager, Vinicius wanted to stop playing due to the abuse from fans.

LaLiga shows ineptitude toward Vinicius racial abuse

The player’s comments directly labeled Spain as a nation of racists, at least based on the country’s perception in Brazil. Javier Tebas, the LaLiga President, said Vini has not shown up to discuss what the league can do to combat racism. Via a post on Twitter, Tebas said the Brazilian must educate himself before criticizing the league and players.

Rightly, Vinicius lashed out at Tebas in a reply to that post.

“Once again, instead of criticizing racists, the president of LaLiga appears on social media to attack me. Omitting yourself only makes you equal to racists. I’m not your friend to talk about racism. I want actions and punishments. Hashtag doesn’t move me.”

Carlo Ancelotti defended Vinicius. He says the league, not the player, has a problem.

That problem, specifically for Vinicius, includes a number of recent events. For example, Atletico Madrid supporters hung a doll of Vinicius from a bridge. the league did nothing.

Team taking

Real Madrid was the first to defend Vinicius after this recent incident against Valencia. Vini met with club president Florentino Perez. The club also filed an official report with the Spanish Attorney General’s office to go after those who chanted racist abuse toward Vinicius.

Valencia said it will permanently ban those who chanted racial abuse at Vinicius during the game. As of Monday morning, the club identified one supporter who will not be allowed to go to any Valencia games for the rest of his life.

Then, also on Monday morning, FIFA condemned the abuse. It reiterated the focus of the three-step process. This has different levels to deal with racist chants during a game. That process did not appear in Valencia on Sunday, though.

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