In the Campeones Cup, Liga MX side Tigres defeated the reigning MLS Cup Champions, LAFC. After ninety minutes of play, the game went to penalty kicks. Tigres deservedly won after controlling the ball throughout the contest. During the game, LAFC retreated to their defensive position and awaited an opportunity to launch a counterattack.

At BMO Stadium, Carlos Vela enjoyed what might be described as a calm night. As a result, Denis Bouanga and Cristian Olivera posed a significant challenge for the team from wide positions.

Frustrations culminated with two red cards in LAFC loss in Campeones Cup

Frustrations escalated as the minutes ticked off the clock. The referee brandished a red card to both sides. A pair of last-ditch tackles in the second half led to red cards for both clubs.

After that, a goal attributed to Bouanga was ruled invalid. The remainder of the game degenerated into insanity after that. Battles erupted all over the place. By the time the game settled, LAFC blew another chance to win a trophy.

What did Steve Cherundolo say?

LAFC manager Steve Cherundolo, on the other hand, lauded his team. He questioned the Major League Soccer schedule. He urged the people in charge to find answers as quickly as they could.

“Throughout all the competitions we’ve been in this year, for any teams that are going to this next year, I can tell you the rules and regulations of MLS roster are not ample enough and we are not equipped enough for all these competitions.

“We have done an incredible job to stay in all comps very late but our guys are depleted”, he continued, “our stadium officer is tired, everyone is tired.

“Maybe it’s too many games or maybe we don’t have enough players and I think moving forward to create a competitive advantage for MLS, I think the owners and commissioners need to sit down and come up with solutions. The status quo does not work and I can tell you that is the opinion of other coaches as well,” he was quoted as saying to the press following the match’s conclusion, via Spanish newspaper AS.