Barcelona president Joan Laporta has backtracked on his stance on the European Super League.  Twelve of the bigger soccer clubs around the continent attempted to create their own league a year ago.  The move, however, failed miserably as fans protested the proposal.

Laporta has now claimed that these massive teams would get bored playing each other so much.  “If the big teams were to play each other all the time, we’d all get tired of it,” stated Laporta.

“It’s special and healthy for the game when a smaller club beats a big one.  And it’s fun to get behind an underdog.  It was great when Greece won the Euros and it was really special when Leicester won the league in England.  That’s what football is all about.”

The comments come at a time when his Real Madrid counterpart, Florentino Perez, has reiterated his desires for a Super League.  Perez said that he is waiting for a decision in the courts on whether or not UEFA overstepped the law in blocking a potential new league.  A ruling on the issue is expected in December.

Laporta has, however, claimed that a Super League could coexist with traditional leagues.  “The Super League would have to work alongside domestic leagues,” Laporta said.  “That’s vitally important.  I really believe in domestic leagues and, in my opinion, it would be a mistake for a Super League to replace them.”

The Barca president essentially wants to make the Super League the new Champions League.  However, fans would still most likely not get behind a tournament that basically consists of the same teams every season.  And it remains to be seen how UEFA would react to the scheme.

Tweaks to the top European competition have been discussed plenty of times before.  Nevertheless, UEFA has plans to expand the number of teams in the tournament to 36.  This would essentially add an additional group to the competition.