Argentina goalkeeper Emi Martinez has received plenty of attention since the World Cup Final on Sunday. After all, he did manage to help the South American nation collect their third tournament title. However, most of headlines regarding Martinez are now negative.

The 30-year-old keeper made a lewd gesture with his Golden Glove trophy following the win over France. Martinez won the award for best goalie at the tournament. Organizers on the stage were not impressed by the move. Martinez then issued a ‘moment of silence’ for France star Kylian Mbappé in the dressing room celebrations.

Martinez’s antics, specially targeting Mbappé, would not stop there. The keeper was seen holding a toll doll with a photo of Mbappé’s face attached to the head during Argentina’s bus parade in Buenos Aires this week.

Mbappé put 4 shots passed Martinez in Final

Oddly enough, Mbappé torched Martinez during the World Cup Final match. The French star netted a hat trick in the game and then converted his penalty in the shootout. Martinez’s antics have not gone down well with the soccer world, especially in France.

French FA president Noel Le Graet has officially written a letter to complain about Martinez. “I wrote to my counterpart from the Argentine Federation,” Le Graet told French news outlet Ouest-France. “I find these excesses abnormal, in the context of a sports competition, and I find it difficult to understand.”

“This is going too far. Mbappé’s behavior has been exemplary.”

War of words began before World Cup

The feud between Martinez and Mbappé apparently began before the World Cup even started. Mbappe previously stated that European teams have an edge at the tournament due to better preparations. Martinez didn’t care much for the comment.

“He doesn’t know enough about football. He never played in South America,” said Martinez. “When you don’t have this experience, it may be better not to talk about it. But it doesn’t matter. We are a great team, recognized as such.”

It remains to be seen how Argentina will respond to the official complaints by the French FA.

Photo credit: IMAGO / PA Images