During previous international breaks, the sheer amount of international games being televised simultaneously has been overwhelming for soccer fans in the USA.

Yesterday afternoon, for example, there were more than 20 matches shown live on US television or Internet at the same time. However, hats off to ESPN for launching a brand-new feature called FIFA World Cup Whiparound – Quest to Qualify, which was so helpful that it made me wonder why no one had thought of doing it before.

Hosted by Adrian Healey and Taylor Twellman, the show jumped around most of the games being played, showing highlights of goals minutes after they went in as well as other key moments in matches. The three hour program, teased by ESPN as taking “fans through several live look-ins to on-the-field action, and offer highlights of key moments in the games (goals, controversial referee decisions, et al) from the topline FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Europe,” was well worth watching. With so many matches available to choose from, the duo of Healey and Twellman provided a valuable service to soccer fans, ensuring that all of the key moments in games were shown.

With more than 17 matches being shown live on US television and Internet on Tuesday afternoon, the FIFA World Cup Whiparound – Quest to Qualify show will return with Healey hosting and a pundit to be determined.

FIFA World Cup Whiparound – Quest to Qualify will be available on ESPN3.