Borussia Dortmund will apparently attempt to keep Jude Bellingham in Germany by offering him a new deal. The contract, however, will also reportedly include an interesting opt-out clause. According to German outlet Bild, Dortmund are willing to pay the prized youngster up to $16 million per season.

“Of course you know in Dortmund that this will be a very, very difficult undertaking. But I actually think they have a great idea,” Bild reporter Jörg Weiler recently claimed. “Jude Bellingham would have to extend his contract by another year and could then become the best-paid Borussia man of all time.”

“Jude could then earn around 15 million (about $16 million). In return, he then has an opt-out clause anchored in the contract,” continued Weiler. “The dream (for Dortmund) would be something around 150 million ($162 million). That would be a win-win situation for both.”

Bellingham receives pay raise if he agrees to Dortmund deal

Bellingham’s current contract at the club runs until the summer of 2025. According to Capology, the German team is paying the midfielder about $1.7 million annually. The massive pay raise could very well incentivize Bellingham to stay in Dortmund for the extra year. Including the hefty buy-out clause would also obviously benefit the club as well.

Nevertheless, the potential $162 million buy-out clause may not exactly deter many of the big clubs. Bellingham is widely regarded as the top young central midfielder in the world. Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, among others, are all extremely interested in signing the teenager this summer.

Liverpool rumored to already submit bid for Bellingham

Rumors have been swirling for months on where the midfielder’s future lies. The latest suggestion claims that Liverpool have already submitted an informal bid to Dortmund for the player. An agent that typically handles clients in the English Football League recently stated that the Reds offered a fee in the region of $120 million for Bellingham.

Wherever Bellingham ends up, the future is certainly bright for the young England international. The 19-year-old midfielder was recently named the third-highest valued soccer player in the world by Football Benchmark. The sports financial company rated Bellingham at $165 million.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Uwe Kraft