It’s a shame that the NCAA College Cup is not more publicized and marketed to the sporting public.  College soccer is exciting, and it should get more attention. 

The NCAA is missing an opportunity with NCAA soccer.  The ‘Final Four’ in NCAA basketball and the ‘Frozen Four’ in hockey have achieved much more fanfare.  The basketball championships are obviously huge and have been huge for a while.  The hockey championships are getting bigger every year and are sellouts (on the men’s side) for sure. 

NCAA soccer needs a calendar adjustment, a marketing plan, and a promotional facelift.  The tournament should probably not end when college semesters are out on winter break.  Also, the NCAA and ESPN should collaborate in order to do something with the College Cup during the MLS season so that it can be cross-promoted, and maybe make up some nifty name like the ‘Ultimate Four’ for the semifinals games. 

What do you think should be the official nickname of the College Cup semifinals?  Send in your responses via comments.  Another example might be the College Cup Core Four. 

Seeing the empty stands Friday at Frisco Field in Dallas when the best and brightest of college soccer are at their pinnacle event is embarrassing for the sport.  There needs to be a solution for getting the public out to a great stadium to see 2 games.  This should not be a hard sell.  Tomorrow’s final should be a great game, but, unfortunately, with the stands empty, it gives the appearance that soccer is not supported as a college sport in the U.S.