Real Madrid TV’s tendency to air replays of refereeing decisions has ignited passionate discussion among Spanish soccer fans.

Many see their usage of highlight reels to call out referees’ “errors” in forthcoming matches as an attempt to heighten the pressure.

This is why many La Liga teams are reportedly unhappy with Real Madrid and Real Madrid TV. Actually, Sevilla have already formally complained to the Spanish Football Federation—the very same organization that La Liga plans to join.

Now, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has joined the chorus of critics. He has also urged the proper authorities to put an end to Los Blancos’ agenda immediately.

“I’m still angry and indignant because it’s a shame what Real Madrid TV is doing”, he told Mundo Deportivo. “I think that the football regulators should intervene here because that is influencing, trying to influence the referees every week, every now and then.”

When asked why the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) did nothing, Laporta said: “We have already spoken about it. They must be studying it. Imagine if we were like this everyday, they would have already criminalized and sanctioned us.

“I think that of course [Madrid] deserves an exemplary sanction. I don’t agree at all with how Real Madrid TV is acting on this issue because it can also adulterate the competition.”

 “Also, I don’t agree at all with the way Real Madrid TV is acting on this issue because it can also impact the competition”, he said. “If measures are not taken, it could impact the competition.”

Negreira case hurt relations with Real Madrid

Off the field, Barcelona and Real Madrid have always had decent ties. But things have turned bad recently, especially with the continuing judicial processes surrounding the Negreira case.

“At the moment, there is no good relationship with Real Madrid, because they have appeared in the ‘Negreira case’, and what they are doing is an aberration. They have asked for the instruction to be extended when there is nothing, and they will find nothing because there is nothing.

“Our version is what it is and the contradictory versions or the versions that have been released have not been able to be tested in any way, because they do not exist. Because here, there was technical advice from the referees and with reports and videos provided as evidence.

“What they want is to keep this alive so that they can say what they are somehow preaching – that it’s Barcelona who try to influence the referees, when that’s what they’re doing. And that double game that they do is what I don’t find right.”

Laporta wants to see action from the regulators of the game.
Laporta wants to see action from the regulators of the game.

Laporta wants to see action from the regulators of the game.

One thing both clubs agree on

There has been an impression that Florentino Perez and Laporta are working together. This is because they have previously backed the Super League, a breakaway league that has not been successful.

“This is a more of an economic issue or one of our economic interests. We are there because it is in Barça’s interest,” he stated, explaining his reasons. “If we had started that competition now, in two years we would have made a lot of money.

“I think that it will be a very attractive competition and I think it will start in 2025. The resistance of two clubs like Barcelona and Madrid against those who made the stampede and UEFA, has paid off”.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Goal Sports Images