For some players, age is nothing more than a number. But when contrasted with the life of Brazilian superstar Romario, the incredible tales of those top sportsmen pale in comparison.

As a 58-year-old star from Brazil, Romario has accomplished a great deal. He won the World Cup with Brazil and later became a senator. He now serves as president of the America football team in Rio de Janeiro.

After a remarkable 15-year hiatus, the legendary striker has added another accomplishment to his resume by returning to soccer. After signing up for the Rio de Janeiro side, he is on track to become the oldest active soccer player.

The second tier of the Carioca Championship, Rio de Janeiro’s state league, will begin on May 18. Thus, Romario will be eligible to participate since the league authorized his registration on Tuesday.

What did Romario say about return to action in Brazil?

Despite having scored more than 700 goals for his country, the legendary player remained unsure about his function on the field. “Now I’m ready to give my beloved America a hand in a few games and also, of course, to fulfill my dream of sharing the pitch with my son,” he wrote on X.

Later, an Instagram post by Romario said that he would not be participating in any league games. “I’m not going to compete in the championship, but rather play a few games for the team of my heart and make another dream come true, playing alongside my son. What do you think?” he wrote.

However, he did affirm his desire to participate on the field with his son, the striker Romarinho. “I’m ready to try to give my beloved America a little help. Thank you everyone for your support! It will be a dream come true to share the pitch with my son”, he added.

Marca reports that the Brazilian icon will give back to the club the “minimum wage” he would be earning. The America Football Club is a Brazilian club that plays in the Campeonato Carioca second level right now. His team is getting ready to start a new season on May 18. Thus, Romario’s arrival is sure to provide an extra dose of motivation and enthusiasm.

Ties to America as a youngster

America FC was the team that the former FIFA World Player of the Year last appeared for in a competitive match in November 2009. Back then, the club chose him as president-elect. Romario became involved in politics in 2014 when he was elected senator for Rio de Janeiro.

Since his father loved the team, Romario grew up rooting for them. However, he began his professional career with Vasco do Gama, a local rival, before moving to Europe and starring for PSV Eindhoven and Barcelona.

He received the FIFA World Player of the Year title in 1994 and was a key player for the Brazilian team that won the World Cup in the US the same year. While he did indeed retire in 2008, he did make a short return the following year for a spell with America.