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/ 36 days ago

Romario joins list: Oldest soccer players still playing in 2024

Youth, nimbleness and speed are often lauded as the most important attributes in soccer. However, there is an unusual breed of players who challenge the concept that aging is a disadvantage to success. Despite the passage of time, these extraordinary individuals keep donning their kits and boots and making a grand entrance on the field. […]


/ 37 days ago

Back on field at 58: Romario becomes oldest player in world

For some players, age is nothing more than a number. But when contrasted with the life of Brazilian superstar Romario, the incredible tales of those top sportsmen pale in comparison. As a 58-year-old star from Brazil, Romario has accomplished a great deal. He won the World Cup with Brazil and later became a senator. He […]

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/ 101 days ago

Not Messi nor Ronaldo: Romario names 2 players surpassing him

According to Brazilian icon Romario, there have only been two players in history who were better than him, and they are not Ronaldo or Messi. Romario scored 55 goals in 70 games for Brazil from 1987 to 2005. In 1994, he earned the Golden Ball award when the Seleção captured the World Cup trophy. Even […]