Dutch Newspaper Runs ‘Mexico Go Home’ Cartoon On Front Cover [PHOTO]

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf ran a cartoon on the front cover of its newspaper today with Netherlands manager Louis Van Gaal wearing a sombrero that says “MexiGo Home,” as well as wearing a poncho and toting two guns.

The rest of the cartoon features Dutch stars such as Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben running around as little mice.

Is this insulting or racist against Mexicans? Or is it all in good humor? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

The Netherlands play Mexico tomorrow at Noon ET/9am PT in the World Cup Round of 16 match, with the Dutch heavily favored to win.

This isn’t the first time where the Dutch newspaper has tried to troll its opponents. Here are the front covers of recent editions targeting Spain, Australia and Chile:

19 thoughts on “Dutch Newspaper Runs ‘Mexico Go Home’ Cartoon On Front Cover [PHOTO]”

  1. Frankly I applaud a newspaper for doing something like this. As an American it makes me feel better about my own news media by realizing just how much more racist some others are.

    And to forestall the arguments about this being harmless: not seeing it as racist…. IS WHAT MAKES YOU RACIST.

    1. it doesn’t. Joking about nationalities in a stereotypical way, can be called xenophobic at worst.

      A nationality is not a race.

    1. But saying “goodbye, friends” in spanish is racist?

      it’s called taunting, gael garcia bernal. #crybaby #MexicoVsNetherlands #KLMTweets

    1. After that, you’re quite welcome to post a front page picture of Miguel Herrera wearing Dutch clogs, and kicking van Gaal with them.

      1. but….. mexico didnt win. they do have a brilliant keeper. with brilliant hair i must say. and a really good team, but they chose also to play a bit edgy bit dirt here and there. but that keeper is amazing. he cut a bunch of goals . if it wasnt for him it would have been at least 4 -1 . it was a great match :)

    1. exactly. and they had to eat their words. 😛
      all to a good match tonight people. :)
      go Holland!!! :) and that keeper of Mexico is a genius . amazing!!! but still go holland :)

  2. no, is not racist. is all in good fun. they can also put a dutch guy wearing a cheese hat and clogs. would that be considered racist? no. so. no.. is all good fun. I think we all need to start relaxing and have a good laugh about the humor that is presented to us. the dutch laugh about the germans, belgiums, french. etc etc. the french about the belgiums. etc etc. is all good fun. the torero was not considered racist, neither was the joke about the kangaroo. check it out.

  3. Holland’s player admits to fowl fall, Theatrics! Holland should not have won! Read this: Arjen Robben admits diving for a penalty… but not for the injury-time spot-kick that put Holland through and dumped out Mexico
    Dutch forward Arjen Robben admitted trying to fool referee Pedro Proenca
    Robben said: ‘The one [at the end] was a penalty, but the other one was a dive in the first half.’
    Holland were awarded a penalty after a foul on Robben by Rafael Marquez
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar converted the late spot-kick to dump out Mexico

    PUBLISHED: 19:59 GMT, 29 June 2014 | UPDATED: 21:19 GMT, 29 June 2014

    319 shares 62View
    Arjen Robben admitted trying to con the referee in Holland’s 2-1 victory over Mexico.

    The Dutchman revealed that he dived in an attempt to win a penalty – but not for the decisive 93rd minute spot-kick that secured Holland’s progression to the quarter-finals.

    Robben had two penalty appeals turned down earlier in the match – before Klaas Jan Huntelaar converted in injury time – and later apologised for trying to fool Portuguese official Pedro Proenca.

    VIDEO Scroll down to watch some of Arjen Robben’s dives

    Theatrics: Arjen Robben admitted diving to try and win a penalty during the thrilling encounter with Mexico
    ot is clipped by the boot of Mexico defender Rafael Marquez

    Holland 2-1 Mexico: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar scores late penalty to put Louis van Gaal’s side into World Cup quarter-finals
    Manchester United’s Dutch targets go missing as Louis van Gaal’s Holland side struggle past Mexico in last-16 clash
    Referee Pedro Proenca fell for Arjen Robben’s theatrical dive after Holland and Mexico should have had first half penalties
    Holland 2-1 Mexico PLAYER RATINGS: Guillermo Ochoa was heroic in a losing side while Louis van Gaal outscores his players
    Costa Rica vs Greece World Cup 2014 LIVE: Line-ups in as Joel Campbell leads attack for Los Ticos

    ‘I must apologise,’ said Robben. ‘The one [at the end] was a penalty, but the other one was a dive in the first half. I shouldn’t be doing that.’

    Robben was awarded the late penalty when he was tripped by Mexico skipper Rafael Marquez, but the Bayern Munich star previously had two appeals turned down when his side were trailing 1-0.

    Holland eventually drew level, with three minutes of regular time left to play, through a vicious strike from Wesley Sneijder. Robben’s unsuccessful appeals fell either side of half time and, after finally convincing Proenca in the dying moments of the last 16 knock-out, he entrusted Huntelaar with the crucial kick.

    ‘Usually I am comfortable with taking a penalty, but this time I was the one who was tackled,’ said Robben. ‘I felt comfortable that Huntelaar would capitalise.

    ‘It was his moment, he deserved this. I’m almost crying from the emotions. The feeling is so strong, we want to win this, to fight together. These youngsters … I am so proud.’

    Mexico coach Miguel Herrera was furious and, after remonstrating with officials and Dutch players at full time, labelled Robben a cheat.

    The fall and falls of Robben

    Flashpoint: Mexico skipper Marquez (left) fouls Robben inside the penalty box in the 93rd minute
    Flashpoint: Mexico skipper Marquez (left) fouls Robben inside the penalty box in the 93rd minute

    Decider: Marquez appeals after Robben goes down for the late penalty that won Holland the game
    Decider: Marquez appeals after Robben goes down for the late penalty that won Holland the game

    was a big call for Pedro Proenca with both sides appealing for a decision in their favour

    ‘Out of four matches we had three where the refereeing was disastrous and this was the worst,’ said Herrerra.

    ‘Robben did three dives for penalties that didn’t exist. He had to be cautioned. If you do that to the guy who tries to cheat, then he can’t cheat again.

    ‘Robben should have got a second card. If you don’t do anything as a referee, the player carries on. He knows he won’t be expelled from the pitch so he carries on.

    ‘But then when they send a referee from the same confederation where they have a team, this is what happens.

    ‘The referee gave a penalty that was invented by him. The least we can hope is that this gentleman goes home just like us.


    1. If it makes you feel better, quite a few in the Netherlands are somewhat dissapointed about Robben’s Falling Dutchman routine and the PK decision.

      Mexico earned the right for extra time at 1-1. They played wonderfull in the 1st half plus first quarter of the 2nd, Ochoa currently is the world’s best goalkeeper imo. I would have liked to see the game last half an hour longer. The endscore would most likely have been identical, but more honorable, for both sides.

      (I did find the KLM tweet amusing, quite a few Mexican fans at the games wore sombreros, a sombrero departure sign is not discriminating/racist imo. Why on earth a commercial airline company takes the risk of upsetting potential/future clients is totally beyond me though. Aeromexico’s arrival sign tweet was the most funny of the two)

  4. I think it is racist only if we (the other countries peoples) forget the fact that Holland team does not play that well..

    So I think it is simple fun!

    Thanks to the Mexican team for show us the real level in courage and hunger for a goal.

  5. I am colombian and this is funny….. lol I like the dutch and their humor… I think the only ones getting ofended with things like this it’s ultra sensitive whiney americans and mexican-americans, because the real mexicans from mexico don’t even care.

  6. Hahah! Of course this isn’t racist.

    This is hella funny!
    If you’d make a cartoon of Herrera wearing clogs, holding cheese and a windmill in the back whilst kicking Van Gaal it also wouldn’t be racist. Just funny!

    People – Americans – are so easily offended and calling everything racist. Relax a bit and laugh, it’s healthy.

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