Win A Trip to One of the Countries Playing in the Final Cup

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With the BACARDÍ Untameable Fan Contest, you and your guest have a chance to win a trip to one of the countries whose team is playing in the World Cup Final. Could it be Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy or another awesome destination?

Prove you’re a BACARDI Untameable Fan by offering up your most prized possession for a chance to win your dream soccer trip. What would you give up? If it was me, I would give up my prized collection of a very rare FOX Soccer Plus growler (see photo below). 

FOX Soccer Plus Growler

But it can be any item or object you’re willing to sacrifice to have a better chance of winning. Make a Sacrifice.

To see what other readers are willing to sacrifice, check out the “Sacrifice Gallery” on the BACARDI Untameable Fan site to see what you’re up against.

As a BACARDI Untameable Fan, I am passionate and dedicated to supporting my teams by any means necessary. But I am not rowdy, overly aggressive or overly boisterous (i.e. hooligans). I live and die through the good and the bad with the team and players I support and love.

Did you know that the official drink of BACARDI Untameable Fan is the Cuba Libre? Check out the “Champion Cocktails” section on the site to see the recipe of your country’s drink.

Enter to Win today.

With the World Cup heating up, who do you want to see go all the way to the final — so hopefully they can win and you can get a chance to visit the country? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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