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Mexico Robbed Of 2 Goals After Referee Disallows Goals Against Cameroon [PHOTOS]

BqBkSwsCYAAriZx Mexico Robbed Of 2 Goals After Referee Disallows Goals Against Cameroon [PHOTOS]

Here we go again. In only the second match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the tournament has been plagued by poor refereeing decisions.

Colombian referee Wilmar Roldan disallowed two perfectly fine goals by Mexico in the first half against Cameroon. In both decisions, the match officials canceled the goals because they thought the player was offside. However, TV replays showed that the footballers were onside, and the goals should have counted.

After yesterday’s blatant dive by Brazilian striker Fred that resulted in a penalty for Brazil, which was the turning point of the game, questions have to be asked whether FIFA is doing everything that is necessary to make the game as modern as possible. When it comes down to the difference between a team winning or losing a World Cup game, it’s more important than ever to make sure that decisions are reached fairly.

In the first disallowed goal, you can clearly see in the screengrab below that the Mexico players were onside when the cross was taken.

BqBePWRCMAAGxtR Mexico Robbed Of 2 Goals After Referee Disallows Goals Against Cameroon [PHOTOS]

Meanwhile, for the second disallowed goal, when the Cameroon defender headed the ball from the corner, you can see that Giovani Dos Santos was onside.

BqBhnQpCIAE6JjL Mexico Robbed Of 2 Goals After Referee Disallows Goals Against Cameroon [PHOTOS]

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10 Responses to Mexico Robbed Of 2 Goals After Referee Disallows Goals Against Cameroon [PHOTOS]

  1. Tony Butterworth says:

    This really needed it’s own thread ?

  2. Ivan says:

    It does, actually.

    2nd game in a row, referees are taking center stage.

    Japanese and Colombian officiating crews must be kicked out of the WC now!

    Hope Mexico gets the deserved 3 points today. Just over 10 minutes left, plus stoppage time…should have been 3:0, done and dusted…

    • Dan says:

      If you think you can do a better job, pick up the whistle or the flag…go out on the pitch and officiate in front of the millions and we shall see if you can do better than the lads you criticize …

      • Heriberto Cruz says:

        exactly, i mean no pressure right. Why not bag on the players cause they can’t complete passes, or because they can’t put the ball in the net. It’s always the referees fault. They are PROFESSIONAL SOCCER PLAYERS for god’s sake, they get paid to play, and the officials get paid to officiate, you don’t see them talk sh*t to the players when they miss alone in front of the net…”Peralta” so why do it vise-versa. Thanks Dan for no being an ignorant.

        • Edgar says:

          Hoewever, these refs are suppose to be the best. Being in the WC. Plus, they had access to that same camera angle seconds after calling it offsides. If you are working as a professional, act like one.

  3. Ben says:

    Sadly, I think the whole cup has been infiltrated with bribery and corruption. Especially in game 1, but in general I don’t trust the refs to even make honest mistakes.

  4. Darrell says:

    Quick read of law shows they got it right. Shame on soccer worldwide for ref abuse and no one even Fifa has stood up for them. They made decision, now play wankers.

  5. Arturo says:

    FIFA doesn’t want replay because they want to control the out come of games.

    • colourzone says:

      hey Arturo…Instead of letting the teams play and win in a fair manner the referee decided to rob the fans of at least another beautiful 45 minutes of world class soccer.
      F!!! FIFA and their ancient control over soccer and who gets to the top and doesn’t.
      A couple of minutes left and they basically decide to rip the heart out of Mexico. That ref better get on a plane and never show his face anywhere near any Mexicans.

  6. colourzone says:

    To HELL with FIFA !!!! They already knew before this tournament started who was going to get preferential treatment and Mexico was not on the short list.
    This was a travesty of justice and a robbery. I for one think this entire bulls**t is rigged and FIFA can suck on a rotten egg with s**t on it.
    Those Mexican boys fought their hearts out and then get the rug pulled from under their feet with a fake call on a dive. PATHETIC …F!!k YOU FIFA ! You are a false tournament like most world governments…fake fake fake.

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