Pots Confirmed For FIFA World Cup Draw

2014 world cup pots 600x342 Pots Confirmed For FIFA World Cup Draw

FIFA today confirmed the pots for Friday’s World Cup Draw. The soccer organizing committee decided to put all nine European teams as unseeded countries (rather than ranked according to their FIFA ranking) into Pot 4, with one Pot 4 team will be drawn into Pot 2.

The United States is placed in Pot 3. They have a 25% chance of being selected into the Group of Death.

The pots are:

Pot 1

Pot 2
Ivory Coast

Pot 3
South Korea
Costa Rica
United States

Pot 4

The draw will be organized so that there will be no more than two European teams in any group of four countries, and all the South American teams will be kept apart. Also, all of the CONCACAF teams are in the same pot, so the United States won’t be drawn into the same group as Mexico, Costa Rica or Honduras.

A pre-draw will be held to move one of the nine European teams into Pot 2. That European team will then be drawn against one of the four seeded South American teams.

Run The Guardian’s World Cup Draw simulator to see how the draw could look on Friday.

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12 Responses to Pots Confirmed For FIFA World Cup Draw

  1. Marc says:

    It’s time for countries, clubs, supporters, to boycott Fifa for the corruption that it has become.

  2. CR7 says:

    You made a mistake while publishing this article. Cameroon cannot be in two pots(2 and 3). The Third pot has United States instead.

  3. dust says:

    FIFA LOL…so 7 in pot 2 and 9 in pot 4…this means that someone from pot four is gonna be put into pot 2?

    Such a sham… this means a european team is likely to face 2 other european teams which is not supposed to happen…

  4. Taylor says:

    Best hope for US: Colombia, Ecuador/Chile, Greece

  5. dust says:

    one of the teams that qualified from winning a playoff should be put in pot 2 not a group winner…chances England get put in there tho?

  6. Proud Eurosnob says:

    I hope the U.S. team gets drawn into the Group of Death, just so I could see how much ‘murica garbage (as seen in Columbus against Mexico) could be substantiated when they go against the real national teams like Argentina and The Netherlands.

    • Dean Stell says:

      I was at Columbus and I’m not sure what you’d find fault with. It was just fans supporting their national team. I didn’t hear anyone chanting, “We want Spain!” or anything delusional. I think most US fans would just be happy to get out of the group and – failing that – wouldn’t be totally disappointed unless they finish last.

  7. Matt says:

    Pray for Switzerland or Columbia.

  8. Matt says:

    “nice” to see FIFA change their procedure when it comes to 9 unseeded UEFA teams. When this happened in 2006 the European team selected was the lowest ranked (Serbia). Now it is France and they change the rules.

    Pretty certain the Euro team which will go to Pot 2 will be one of Greece, BiH or Croatia…can see it already

  9. Scrumper says:

    Can anyone understand this nonsense? Too many people at FIFA with too much time on their hands.

  10. bennett311 says:

    Just let us avoid Ghana, please.

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