Sore Losers and Classless Montreal Impact Out of MLS Playoffs After Finishing Game With 8 Men [VIDEO]

Players from the Montreal Impact in MLS were described by TV commentators as “sore losers” and “classless” for the way they ended their MLS playoff hopes last night after losing 3-0 to the Houston Dynamo in a fiery match where three Impact players were red carded.

Nelson Rivas, Andres Romero and Marco Di Vaio were all red carded for Montreal Impact in the second half of the match.

Montreal Impact defender Jeb Brovsky told reporters:

“We must look at ourselves and say that we were beat today by a better team. To their credit, they smelled blood and they killed us. To finish a game like that is a shame for the players, for the club. You never want to go out that way, and I’m not happy. I’m not happy at all.”

After beating Montreal, Houston Dynamo will play New York Red Bulls on Sunday at 3:30pm ET, live on NBC.

Here’s video of the incident near the end of the match where Di Vaio and Romero were sent off after a tussle with Houston Dynamo players.

6 thoughts on “Sore Losers and Classless Montreal Impact Out of MLS Playoffs After Finishing Game With 8 Men [VIDEO]”

  1. Bad news for NY to see Houston, the defending conference champions, return to form in time for the playoffs. Just as troubling is that NY beat Houston all 3 meetings this year and time and again its been proven out that its infinitely harder to beat the same team 4 meetings in a row.

    Now im a football history newbie but I try to learn things every day. Saying that, wasnt it in 2005 that Chelsea beat Liverpool 3 consecutive meetings (2 league, 1 FA Cup) before losing the 4th meeting in the Champions league semi-final?

    Red Bull leads the league in scoring and should be the favorite at home but this tie will be a lot more difficult than some may think.

  2. Yeah, it got dirty towards the end. The 2 red cards at the end were just sad. However, it takes 2 to tango, and Huston shouldnt be absolved of a bit of their own dirty play. Montreal just snapped… Disgraceful game all aorund

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