Michel Platini Orders Probe Into Yaya Toure Racism Incident: Daily Soccer Report

UEFA President Michel Platini has demanded an internal investigation look into why the UEFA protocol wasn’t followed by the referee in the Champions League match between CSKA Moscow and Manchester City earlier this week.

The new UEFA protocol to combat racism says that the referee should stop the game if he receives a complaint of racism (which City captain Yaya Toure informed the referee about during the game), and the referee must then instruct the public announcer to tell supporters to refrain from the racial abuse. This wasn’t followed, and the game continued as normal.

UEFA issued another statement on on Friday which read:

“Further to the opening of disciplinary proceedings against CSKA Moscow following the alleged racist behaviour of some of their supporters at the UEFA Champions League match between CSKA and Manchester City FC on 23 October, UEFA president Michel Platini has requested that the UEFA administration immediately conduct an internal investigation to understand why the three-step protocol established to deal with incidents of a racist nature was not implemented.”

Meanwhile, UEFA said it would publish the findings of its investigation once the disciplinary case against CSKA had been dealt with by its independent control and disciplinary body on October 30.

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3 thoughts on “Michel Platini Orders Probe Into Yaya Toure Racism Incident: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Oh, Tw@tini is on it now. Well then, I’m sure that will all be sorted straightaway. That pig will probably find a way to earn some under-the-table scratch off this somehow.

  2. Michel has a path to distance himself from the corrupt body that is FIFA and do something here. First ban the ref from anything but Sunday pub footy. Second, forget about having the PA implore idiots to stop idiotic behavior. That will only incite more abuse. First, deduct a point. If it doesn’t stop, suspend the match and award the win to the abused.
    Let the fans legislate morality, since the ‘leaders’ of sensibility and civil behavior are only interested in gate receipts, self promotion, and lining their pockets.

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