Jozy Altidore’s Official Website Announces His Transfer to Sunderland Before Page Is Removed

An article was published on Jozy Altidore’s official website Friday announcing that the AZ Almaar and US international striker had successfully completed a transfer to Sunderland in the Premier League.

However, soon after the article was published, it was removed from the site. No official announcement of Altidore’s signing has been mentioned on the official Sunderland club website yet, so presumably one of Altidore’s representatives jumped the gun and posted the article prematurely. We’ll find out by early next week whether the deal is completely finalized or not.

But before the page was removed from the website, 101 Great Goals was able to take a screenshot and copied the text that was published on Altidore’s official site:

“Alkmaar Zaanstreek agreed to sell the rights to striker Jozy Altidore to Sunderland Association Football Club of the English Premier League. Financial terms of the transfer fee agreed upon between AZ and Sunderland were not disclosed.

“Altidore’s transfer is contingent upon him passing a physical, which is scheduled for Monday, with the Sunderland medical staff.”

Unless any last minute offers come in for Altidore, it looks very likely that the former Hull City striker will join Sunderland on Monday or Tuesday. What’s your opinion about the move if it goes through? Will a move to Sunderland be a good move for Altidore in this stage of his career? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Jozy Altidore’s Official Website Announces His Transfer to Sunderland Before Page Is Removed”

  1. I feel it’s a horrible move for him personally. He needs stability at the club level where he’ll get regular playing time and can be the focal point of the offense. I feel he still can grow more in the Dutch league, and as it stands now Sunderland is looking like they’re going to be in a relegation battle. To me this smells like a move just to get into the proverbial “big pond”. I fear that he’ll be Freddy Adu’ed, and will bounce around from club to club after Sunderland reach relegation. I think he should hold tight, and wait for a better opportunity that better suits him and his playing style.

    1. I disagree, I think it’s a great move for him to join a young, dynamic and exciting team which Paolo Di Canio is building at Sunderland.

      He will definitely get games and I think will be a big premier league star.

        1. Well, if Jozy wants to be a good player he will be a good player. Palo Di Canio is not stupid. I am sure he will light a fire under Jozy’s ass if he is out there being lazy or not doing what he tells him to do.

          Having said that. Paolo should him he in the correct way.

        2. How on earth can you make a statement like that? Sunderland are to have an entirely new team, manager, coaching staff, medical staff, training regime, playing mentality, the list goes on! Not one person knows how they will play next season or even what team therefore your statement holds no substance. Maybe, just maybe the lad feels its the perfect time for him to prove himself in the premier league after a disappointing initial try. He’s young and hungry so how could you deny him the opportunity? Try wishing him luck, thanking him for the many goals he’s scored and points he’s won the team and not forgetting the £5mil+ profit which I’m sure will be spent wisely!

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