Top 7 Misconceptions About NBC’s Premier League Coverage

The vast majority of soccer fans in the United States are excited about NBC Sports taking over the US media rights to the Premier League beginning this summer, but there are several misconceptions that are being bandied around on the Internet that I want to address, so that everyone has the information they need to ensure they’ll have the optimal coverage before the season begins.

Here are the top 7 misconceptions about NBC’s Premier League coverage:

1. I already get NBC Sports Network, so I’ll be able to watch 100% of the live Premier League matches on television. Just because you subscribe to NBC Sports Network via your TV provider doesn’t mean you’ll be able to (1) get Premier League Extra Time, which are the overflow TV channels showing live games and (2) get EPL matches streamed live on NBC Sports Live Extra. Check with your TV provider to make sure that they’ll be offering these two options to you.

2. My TV provider will automatically provide me with access to NBC Sports Live Extra, so I can stream all of the EPL games. Are you sure? As of press time, the four TV providers who have agreed to give their subscribers access to NBC Sports Live Extra (where you can stream all of the games for no additional cost) are Comcast xFinity TV, Suddenlink, Cablevision and Verizon FIOS.

3. I’ll just subscribe to the online option only. There is no Internet offering available as a stand-alone product. You have to be a subscriber to NBC Sports Network via your TV provider. And even then, you need to make sure that your TV provider will provide you with access to the streaming games via NBC Sports Live Extra.

4. I subscribe to Comcast xFinity for my Internet access only. I’ll still be able to watch EPL games streamed via NBC Sports Live Extra, right? Wrong. You have to be a TV subscriber, getting NBC Sports Network. And then you have to make sure that your TV provider has an agreement in place with NBC Sports to stream live EPL games via the NBC Sports Live Extra app. As of press time, the four TV providers who have agreed to give their subscribers access to NBC Sports Live Extra (where you can stream all of the games for no additional cost) are Comcast xFinity TV, Suddenlink, Cablevision and Verizon FIOS.

5. All of the Premier League matches will feature NBC commentators. False. Approximately 2-3 of the matches each weekend will feature NBC commentators. The remaining matches will include British announcers via the world feed.

6. All of the Saturday 12:30pm ET Premier League matches will be televised on NBC. Across the entire season, 20 Premier League matches are scheduled to be televised on NBC’s free-to-air network at 12:30pm ET on Saturdays. The remainder will be shown live on NBC Sports Network in that time window.

7. NBC Sports will feature a ticker running across the bottom of the screen. Not true. In an exclusive interview with a NBC executive, EPL Talk learned that there will be no ticker distracting viewers during a match, that runs across the screen.

Bonus: With my TV provider, I have already been streaming content from NBC Sports Extra from their App since the Olympics last summer, so I should still be able to get EPL games streaming on NBC Sports Live Extra, right? Unfortunately not. As of press time, only Cablevision, Comcast xFinity TV, Suddenlink and Verizon FIOS have deals in place to stream EPL games via NBC Sports Live Extra. You’ll need to contact your TV provider to urge them to make a deal with NBC Sports to provide live streaming EPL games via the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

87 thoughts on “Top 7 Misconceptions About NBC’s Premier League Coverage”

    1. While it’s a huge step backwards, streaming it on free footy sites should be significantly easier. Comcast/Xfinity feeds aren’t hard to duplicate.

      1. If you’re using free pirated streaming sites, you’re putting money into the pockets of people who didn’t pay to bring you the coverage. Plus, pirated streams are not safe with pop-ups which can be plagued by viruses.

        On top of that, pirated streams are unreliable and the quality of the picture is usually sub-standard.

        The Gaffer

        1. Well, it’s not exactly a surprise. What did they expect when they stifle online options? The money from online revenue has to go somewhere and if NBC doesn’t want it, someone else will take it.

          You’ve probably heard of Aereo. If not, look them up. That’s just an example and they’re only one out of thousands.

          1. Yep, I’m watching Aereo pretty closely. Very interesting developments, but they’re not in my area yet. Everything is moving to an online experience, but TV is still an important player.

            The Gaffer

    2. Totally agree. For years I’ve done the online only version, FoxSoccer, because I really don’t watch much else on TV and cable is a rip-off. AND I never watch any of them live, normally spread out all the matches over Sat, SUN and MON. This is a total bummer. They would make more money with an online subscription.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. For someone who doesn’t have cable, I already miss Foxsoccer2go. They made it possible to watch the games without cable and I would have paid more than they charged to do so. If NBC doesn’t want that revenue then that’s their loss. They’re essentially telling me that to watch their games, they want me to pay for a subscription service that has loads of crap channels I don’t want for the 4 or 5 I do.

  1. This is horrible news. I will not subscribe to cable TV. I do not mind subscribing to Fox Soccer 2 Go, but not having a subscription available for people without cable is awful. I knew I had something to be nervous about and this article confirms it.

    1. Horrible news? What NBC plans to do with the EPL is incredible. You and the 30 other people can be nervous about your non streaming matches.

      1. NBC plans to make it available to all, except people who don’t have cable or sat. The EPL will be unlike the NHL, MLB, MLS which each has options to watch via online whether you have cable or sat or not. And even those that do have sat or cable may not have access to a decent amount of content from Live Extra and/or Extra Time.

        NBC is breaking down the doors with their coverage, but it is doing so with a fat asterisk.

      2. I’ll give you an example of why this sucks that you probably haven’t thought of. I live in an apt. that doesn’t allow satellite programming (not super sure why). As a result, Comcast (not surprisingly) doesn’t offer those shiny deals they always talk about for some reason ($$$). They know we have no options for cable but them so they scrap the promotional deals. So just to watch EPL games, which is the only thing I want to see honestly, I have to pay upwards of $70 a month for a plethora of garbage I don’t want to see the one thing I do. That’s why this sucks.

  2. Exactly what I feared. People are moving *away* from cable and satellite TV not toward it. Give me an online option to watch every game on-demand or live, and you’ve got $40-$50 a month from me. I, and millions of others, will never subscribe to cable or satellite again, though, so you’re going to lose many EPL fans.

    Is there any country that will offer what was offering?

    1. It seems strange that you’d be willing to pay $50 a month for just EPL soccer when for 60-90 a month you could have cable and watch EPL along with thousands of other programing options.

      One of the reasons I still haven’t moved on from cable is because how cheap is it really to “cut the cord” especially when it comes to sports?

      I pay around $75 a month for cable with lots of sports channels.

      lets say you like soccer and nba and still want to watch some cable shows.

      Fox Soccer 2 go= $15 a month
      NBA League Pass= $15 a month
      Netflix/Hulu Plus=$8 a month
      Amazon Prime= $7 a month

      So lets say you get only those products and one of the two of Netflix/Hulu

      It’s still around 45-50 dollars a month. You don’t have access to nearly as much as cable/sat consumers do and you have to deal with blackouts (national/local), streaming issues, and in FOXSoccer2go you have excessive delays for some top games.

      so for the extra 30 bucks a month, I can watch any and every game live, and or record and watch when ever I feel like, always at the same HD quality (unlike streams I’ve watch which can vary widely to the unwatchable)

      I also get to see Series A, Barca, Real Madrid, Capital One Cup, Championship games because I get BeIN sports.

      If you’re a hardcore sports fan like I am, you also get NFL, MLB, NHL, college football/basketball, etc…

      This also doesn’t include I’m watching Mad Men, The Americans, Archer, GOT, Veep when they come out (or close to) as opposed to waiting for them to come out later, sometimes over a year later. (and you’ll never see GOT or Veep, etc without spending more money)

      If just watch EPL and only EPL than FoxSoccer was a pretty good option but willing to spend 50 a month on FoxSoccer is seems like taking a stance for taking a stance purposes when cable/sat option exist for close to the same price for a good number of Americans

      (I can’t get Verizon/Dish/Direct TV which my bill more around 75-80 a month, otherwise I’d just switch companies every year or two and get the “intro” price)

  3. NBC is owned by Comcast, who are in the cable business. That you would need a cable subscription as a prerequisite for access to their content should come as a surprise to exactly no one.

    1. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Plenty of us will gladly pay $15, $30, etc… a month for all the streaming/on-demand games we can watch without having to put up with cable. That’s all extra revenue as they won’t be getting our cable dollars to begin with and they already have the streaming interface in place. It’s disgraceful, and indicative of how NBC has been running their product into the ground over the last few years.

      1. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is. NBC is protecting their own interests after paying $250 million to bring the Premier League to a US audience.

        It’s not disgraceful. It’s a business decision. And how has NBC been running “their product” into the ground? Everyone agrees that MLS coverage is much better with NBC on board. And the EPL coverage is going to be grand.

        The Gaffer

        1. “Their product” is all of their programming. They are the lowest rated network (5th place!) for a reason, and I see nothing in this deal to change my mind about their decision-making skills. I certainly do not think that the coverage will be “grand” with NBC. They will be using their own announcers for some of the games, which is a HUGE minus in my book. It will certainly be on more channels, so maybe they’ll get 100,000 more Americans into the game, but I really don’t see how requiring a TV subscription helps them. I can’t imagine anyone going back to cable/satellite just to get the games. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like they are leaving quite a bit of revenue on the table, and I for one will purposefully avoid all NBC programming specifically because of this decision.

          1. Wade, obviously we disagree and I don’t see us reaching a compromise. NBC has made their decision, and that’s it.

            NBC may be the fifth place network (I’m not sure, I don’t watch network television programming other than sports), but NBC’s Sunday Night Football is the most popular sports program. And NBC plans on using that as a model for their EPL coverage.

            If you’re going to avoid all NBC programming just because they’re not providing an Internet-only package, then I believe you’re missing out.

            The Gaffer

          2. I don’t think anyone should count ratings as a guide to quality.

            More people watched Jersey Shore than ever watch a show like Mad Men but most will agree that Mad Men is better. NBC sports coverage, while not perfect, is much better than EPSN/ABC, CBS, Fox

        2. It isn’t disgraceful, but it is a major pain. Once again, a major company overbids for a product and then creates a business model to cover the cost (the model being, make everyone pay for a service, including those that don’t watch it).

        3. Any coverage with 80% American broadcasters for European soccer is never going to be grand. You catch the games with that hack Fox put on? Using a general sportscaster is a bad idea.

          1. NBC Sports has hired an all-UK crew to commentate the matches, while the remaining games will be on the world feed. Why is that bad, Ryan?

            Approximately 30-40% of games will feature NBC’s English commentator Arlo White, while the remaining 60-70% will be British announcers.

            The Gaffer

        4. Do you happen to work for NBC?

          Anything that is a monopoly should be frowned upon. A la carte is the way to go, all NBC will do is promote it more that more by restricting to cable bundle only. So streaming or aereo are the way to go. BTW I didn’t know about Aereo until this discussion happened and the more they lock us down the more Napsters we’ll find.

          1. Of course I don’t work for NBC.

            Aereo is only available in select areas of the country. And even if you get Aereo, you’d only be able to watch 20 games a season via NBC. A la carte may be the way to go, but you’ll be waiting three years until an a la carte option is even remotely possible.

            The Gaffer

      2. You’re confusing Comcast with a company that cares about its subscribers. Logic and reason are not part of their mantra.

  4. For the first time in my life i am happy to have Comcast xFinity TV. Now I wont miss a game or have to stream from questionable websites. NBC is doing big things.

  5. I always see people complaining about not subscribing to satellite or cable and now not being able to stream? Why don’t you just get credentials from someone that does? Seems pretty simple to me. Throw your friend 10.00 a month, let him create a sub account on his account for you and watch via streaming all you want.

  6. Thanks again for the info, Gaffer. Questions for ya… So Comcast has confirmed they will have Premier League Extra Time and all the overflow TV channels? Any rumblings from @DirecTV? Or do I need to get on the blower with them (I hate that BTW cuz they never seem to know what I’m talking about)?

    1. Garry, it’s not confirmed, but I’m sure Comcast will have Premier League Extra Time since Comcast owns NBC Sports. They’ll definitely have NBC Sports Live Extra too.

      All DirecTV has been giving is a canned response to customers, basically saying that they haven’t made a decision and asking customers to check back in the summer, which is not good enough in my opinion.

      The Gaffer

      1. Yeah, I’m getting a little worried about Directv. I keep expecting to see a message announcing the channels they’ll be using for Extra Time, but haven’t seen anything yet.

        I’d much rather watch Everton play this weekend on my big TV than on my computer/tablet. #firstworldproblems

  7. Personally I think this is a big step forward, and I’m glad that NBC is moving away from the absurd “pay $15 for a standalone channel as well as $20 for online streaming of any non-marquee match” model. This is how the cable package model will try and survive: online streaming capabilities coming standard with qualifying cable packages. ESPN was out in front of this, and now it seems that everyone is catching on.

    I do believe that they missed an opportunity to make a massive amount of money from the people who will only pay for standalone online streaming subscriptions. It almost seems like they could increase the price of Fox Soccer 2Go 100% and quite a few of you would gladly pony up the cash.

    My Directv contract is up at the beginning of July. I will subscribe to any service if they have NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time.

  8. Sad to say, but this decision by Comcast/NBC will have the intended effect on us. We have Verizon Fios, but we watch almost no TV. We have been thinking about getting rid of cable for awhile, but this will keep us as cable subscribers. I will enjoy having access to all matches, but I would have preferred to pay directly to have an online-only option.

    1. I have DirectTV but we’re in the same boat. We’re looking to cancel just to save money. I hate the model of having to pay $15/mo for the package with Fox Soccer, but we’re in a place, financially, that we can’t justify the cost of satellite anymore. It would be much easier to swallow a $20-30/mo online subscription just for EPL.

  9. I just went through the painful campaign of harassing Time Warner to add beIN sport last summer to make up for FSC and (+) for the Italian and French League. NBC, we should not have to hassle our providers when you take products away from them. It’s your job to make sure I don’t miss a match next year.

    1. It’s not NBC’s job to make sure every TV provider offers their services. They can do everything they can, but it’s the role of we — the consumers — that oftentimes has more power and weight in making changes.

      The Gaffer

  10. I see some strange statements about comcast.
    Firstly, the BPL has hardly been overbid, the NFL is overbid and a far more fragmented experience, direct tv, every othe rbroadcaster, plus NFL network, black outs….not cool.

    I don’t se what the minus subscription is with comcast to qualify, that would probably be a good thing for comcast to get out there.

    e.g. To access the BPL on comcast it wil cost X
    On Verizon fios it will cost Y.
    And so on…

    A simple communication articulating these in a simple way would help address at confusion.

    If the fee is say 45 bucks to get this access how is that expensive given the access and offerings?

    Obviously getting new subscribers is a goal, but you need to make that path very very easy without hidden or perceived hidden pricing escalation structures.

    Gaffer, perhaps you can help them distill their pricing message into a more simple format.

    1. It’s a good idea, but I’m not going to touch that one. Pricing, even among Comcast customers, will range significantly across the different regions in the United States. And that’s just Comcast. The US TV market is too fractured and regionalized, which is why it’s a pain in the neck for TV companies to get their programming and channel added in a timely manner.

      The Gaffer

  11. As usual the big wig execs decided to ignore progress. They still think it’s the 60’s where families gather round a TV set. Oh, well. That’s just lost potential revenue at $10 to $20 a month for online streaming. Free footy streaming sites it is then.

  12. Gaffer,

    Very excited about the NBC package, and very happy about the lack of a ticker. But something else in that interview caught my eye–the executive said they were considering using a “drop-down” score update during the matches. In my opinion, that would be worse than a ticker–it would come, without warning, in the middle of the screen. There would be no way for someone to avoid seeing it, and that would spoil the match results for people who are recording multiple matches for viewing, as I intend to do. I don’t see any real benefit to having the drop-down, considering the multiple ways people now have of checking scores, and from NBC’s perspective they run a significant risk of losing viewers on multiple games in the same time window. This doesn’t keep people from switching from NBC to another game on another channel, since NBC has the exclusive rights to all the games. Can you follow up with NBC on this? This could be a make-or-break issue with me and a lot of fans who would otherwise do whatever it takes (i.e., changing providers) to get the Extra Time package.

    1. Good point. You’re absolutely correct. It would be more of a spoiler than the ticker.

      NBC hasn’t reached a decision regarding the drop-down score update yet, and the execs do read this blog, so your views will be heard.

      The Gaffer

    2. I agree! Don’t let us know other scores. Everyone has a dozen other ways to get these, and many of us like to watch multiple games over time without knowing what happens.

  13. Regarding the shoulder programming, how about EPL Talk TV? A tv version of this website, hosted by the Gaffer. It would be a fan show. The sort of show Fox Football Fone-in was meant to be but never was, particularly after Cohen got dumped. Just a thought.

    1. It’s a great idea, and we have something similar in the works — but not through NBC. More info coming soon!!

      The Gaffer

  14. It’s a shame that NBC doesn’t use one of the Extra Time channels as a place to offer the Premier League’s 24/7 PLTV Network. It sucks that there is 4 to 5 channels that won’t be used for anything outside of 2 hours a week. Even if only 1 of the Extra Time channels picked up PLTV it would be great.

  15. Gaffer, there are some really good aspects of the new NBC contract. But, at the moment, if you support a team, like, oh, say, Swansea (!), with Fox you KNEW you could watch each match on cable. Perhaps on delay. But with next year’s contract, when Swansea play West Ham or Stoke or maybe even Cardiff, NBC might choose to televise the Utd/City/Arsenal/Spurs/Newcastle/Liverpool match instead if it’s a 3 pm London time match, and now we are just not sure if we will get to see the match at all (depending on what our cable/satellite providers do with the “Extra” channels and/or internet).

    1. This season, I’ve watched 90% of Swansea’s matches on FOX Soccer 2Go. Next season, with Comcast, I’ll be able to watch probably 100% of Swansea’s games on TV (most of them on the overflow channels – Premier League Extra Time) or I can choose to watch 100% of them on NBC Sports Live Extra app. For me, it’s a perfect situation. For people who don’t have TV providers who have signed a deal with NBC to provide Premier League Extra Time and NBC Sports Live Extra, they need to contact their TV provider today.

      The Gaffer

  16. Gaffer, how do you know that only select providers will offer Extra Time? The original news reports basically said that anyone with NBCSN will have Extra Time for free.

  17. I live in Arizona. I have Cox Communications as my cable provider. *ANY WORD* if Cox will be doing the streaming option via the NBC app? If not… Does anyone have any clue what this EPL junkie does to get my fix? Do I switch over to DirecTV? Dish? All I want is to watch the EPL. See the ball go into the net. jump up and down. scare my kids. annoy my wife. MY LIFE WAS SO SIMPLE WITH MY FS2G app… And now it seems as though it’s going to become complicated. Someone put a binkie in my mouth, tell me it’s all going to be ok. I just want my EPL. Once again; me = Arizona. me = Cox Communications as my cureent cable provider. I need some answers… Anyone? ECHO ECho ec h o . . . . . .

      1. Gaffer,

        In the suburb of Phx that I live in we have three options: Cox, Dish, Or DirecTv. That’s it. So, if all three of these companies do not sign up, then how many games do I get? Just those on the “basic” NBC channels? What are the chances (in your opinion) that all three of these major players in the cable wars will not sign on the dotted line? I sure how you give me a number like 3%. I can live with a 97% chance that I will get my fix. But, bottom line… If all three *do not* sign for the NBC cool and extra soccer channels then basically I’m just screwed here in too flippin’ hot Arizona. Ghhhh. I feel like I have heartburn now. My palms are sweaty. i’m feverish. ———- just tell me that you think by end of summer that at least say DirecTV will be on board. Come on, dude… just tell me. Haa. If you guys would be so kind, could you post regular updates on the companies that end up signing for all the fun channels that are not currently on the list. i just need one of the three I mentioned above and then I’m golden. If not… I shall weep. I’ll go out into the park in 120′ weather and juggle the ball until i fall over… landing right on my sweaty and unable to watch my EPL games anymore handsome face. Ker-plunk. :(

  18. And a side-note to the NBC brass who the Gaffer himself says read these postings: **PLEASE MODEL YOUR iPad APP LIKE FOX SOCCER 2 GO**. That app is awesome. Hands down. I click on it – boom – there’s all my games… ready for me to hit play. The only thing it does not do is hold your pause point if you go to another app… other than that, golden. i’m sure all of the good guys at NBC Tech already have a killer app in the works and I can’t wait to see it… But I must have the ability in my area to actually view the content on said app. So, NBC amigos —— Please please please please hook me up in AZ for Cox Communications! Please please… I’m beggin’ all of you. I don’t want to uproot my family (I have a beautiful wifey and two little awesome future Messi clones) and move to a city that has all the neato extra soccer channels… I’m an AZ native. We’re rare. I don’t want to have to drive in a U-Haul all the way to Iowa or some other weird (ha.joke joke) mid-America place. That scares me. A lot. So, yes, I’ll beg to all of you. Please please make sure that Cox, Directv, or Dish get on board with your extra soccer channel choices. Only my sons and my wife come before The Beautiful Game… that’s it. – – – and I must have an outlet in good ‘ol hot suburban area Phx, AZ to watch my EPL. I work hard. I’m a good dad. I’m a good husband… I pay taxes. I watched every single episode of Friends. I love NBC. I’m glad you guys are giving Fallon a shot with Leno’s slot. Great move, long overdue. I applaud you guys for putting Howard on AGT. So… I know you guys can… Hook me up. Make a call. Get Cox on the line and tell them to do this. They need to have all of these fun and exciting extra soccer channels. It would make them smile, and me to. Thanks Gaffer and Co. I’m. Shutting up now. -K.R.

  19. Gaffer,

    This is not quite on topic but will Comcast (NBC) ever allow their DVR software to set up sports to records as a “series” as other cable providers do?

  20. Gaffer,

    Since everyone seems to think you know everything, I have a question. What is the meaning of life?

    I know I could spend two minutes and look it up myself and not bother everyone with my inane question, but it is so much easier to just be lazy and ask you.


    1. LOL. It’s additionally funny because I told one of my friends a few years ago what the meaning of life was, and she got very upset at me because she didn’t like the answer for a few different reasons. So since then, I’ve refrained from telling people in order to keep the peace!

      But thanks for asking.

      In the meantime, let’s see what other questions people have about NBC’s coverage plans for the EPL!

      The Gaffer

    2. Haha

      I asked inane questions from the Gaffer because

      1. I thought he knew everything, to find out he doesn’t is shocking

      2. You won’t ever get a real response from Comcast besides some form letter

      “we understand (insert issue) and are researching (insert issue) a solution your concern. Comcast values our costumers and is working to provide the very best solutions to your entertainment needs”

      something along those lines…

      any ways


      Does NBC plan on making any changes to their NHL coverage…J/K

  21. Gaffer,

    Another ? about the NBC Sports Live Extra app. Keyword here being “live”. You had stated earlier: “2) get EPL matches streamed live on NBC Sports Live Extra”. Ok, check. So my main question is: will this app *only* offer the matches “live”, **or can we then go back on the app and watch replays of these games throughout the day/week?** Once again, like the incredibly awesome FS2G app currently does it. When ESPN3 show any particular EPL game you have to watch it “live” and they do not show replays of said match… Which, to me, totally blo… stinks. I sure hope that NBC will truly model their app with the FS2G app in mind. That’s the only way I really get my fill via watching games online by way of an app; the ability to watch replays throughout the week when my schedule finally allows time to do so. **** One more question for you as well: Where will Champions League, Europa League, and FA Cup matches be shown? Does NBC have the rights to those as well? Golly jeepers, I sure hope so… Thanks, Gaff.

  22. Hey Gaff!

    Just checking in… Has any other major provider signed on to carry the Premier League Extra Time or NBC Sports Live Extra? Just wondring if you’ve heard any further rumblings. Thx!

  23. Gaffer,
    Will I be able to see Sky Sports(especially the 2:00AM show with newspaper review)and what about the Scottish Premier league?
    I remember Rebecca Lowe from Setanta when they would have in studio guests and fans…any way that becomes an option?

    1. No more Sky Sports. SPL looks doubtful that anyone will pick it up. And no plans for studio shows with Lowe.

      The Gaffer

  24. I’m looking forward to NBC Sports’ coverage of the EPL. Anything that gets Rob Stone off the air has my vote!!

  25. Gaffer,
    What about the Review Show on Sunday nights…is that part of the plan?
    Any chance of Grandstand with Bob Wilson or Match of the Day theme,without Jimmy Hill as presenter..:-D?
    By the by I live in Stratford,Connecticut.. any chance of helping them out with the set up/presentation I played with Pat Nevin and at Doncaster Rovers..friends with Ian and Glynn Snodin

  26. I am unclear on the upcoming NBC coverage and how it will compare with FS and FS+. While I didn’t mind paying an additional subscription to ATT to access these channels, can I expect to get the same coverage of games over a weekend on NBC? By this, I mean the same number of live games plus tape delayed games the same day? Midweek games? Also, will there be coverage of all games, not just manchester united, arsenal and chelsea for the plastic fans. FS and FS+ did a fantastic job bringing English football to the US, can I expect the same level of coverage from NBC………or will it descend into some uninformed American media interpretation of what fans want? Which is wrong more often than not.

    1. your a bit late to the party with these questions, kevin.

      I’ll sum it up for you. you’ll have access to ever game (live) every weekend all season long…..depending on your cable/satelitte provider…..

  27. Called directv and they had no information about the extra channels. It’s getting close to the start of the season :(

  28. I travel alot including UK… even with a valid subscription through approved provider will my on line devices still work in UK when I know there is ban on most live games shown on a Saturday ????

  29. Watching soccer on the internet sucks!!!!!

    I want all games on my TV!

    1) Better image quality
    2) i can record the game

  30. Sigh.. I wish Dish would get extra time. Ive called them every day for about a week now and it goes the same way each time. 1- I have to explain what it is. 2- they tell me there is no update on whether they will get it or not.
    this makes me so upset. Im 17 and there is no way my parents would switch to Directv. I wish fox soccer still had the rights because this sucks.

  31. NBC – NO BLOODY CLUE. Live extra doesn’t bloody work – people at verizon fios don’t even know what it is. I will miss my EPL games because the people at NBC and Fios are just total wank.

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