Have a Blast With This Manchester United-Liverpool 360 Fan Pic

Manchester United’s victory against Liverpool last week was memorable for a few different reasons — Daniel Sturridge’s first league goal for Liverpool, the return of Fabio Borini from injury as well as Manchester United’s convincing win despite the late rally by the Reds. One more reason it was memorable is that the vast majority of the 75,501 crowd that day were photographed using a hi-resolution camera that took a 360 degrees photo.

Whether you were there that day or not, the “360 Fan Pic” is certainly a lot of fun to zoom in to see if you can spot your mates or someone famous.

Who can you zoom in and find? In the expensive seats near the center of Old Trafford’s South Stand (opposite the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand), I found Peter Schmeichel, David Gill and a British TV actor who — I forgot his name — looks very much like Hugh Laurie (a few seats to the right of Gill).

Take a look and have some fun with this great tool.

Play the 360 Fan Pic of Manchester United-Liverpool now.

H/T Thanks to reader Tony Butterworth for the news tip.

9 thoughts on “Have a Blast With This Manchester United-Liverpool 360 Fan Pic”

    1. It’s like playing a game of Where’s Waldo. I see Ian Ayre and Sebastian Coates in the crowd, near David Gill (to his left). But I haven’t been able to find Rowan Atkinson or Fabio Capello. Although one bloke in that area looks like Steve Coogan. The more I think about it. The bloke I was mentioning in the article is not Hugh Laurie, but I can’t remember what his name is. It’s bugging me!

      The Gaffer

  1. Is it Richard E Grant ?

    Not sure I can spot Gill but if you look just above the “D” of the word “Dreams” on the far side from the starting position, that’s Capello, and Atkinson is above the “S”

  2. It took me much longer than it should have but I finally found the players. I hadn’t really thought about how they are sitting right in the middle of the crowd.

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